Worship of Ganesha Chaturthi with Arugambul.

Here we discuss about worship of Ganesha Chaturthi with Arugambul.


  • Worship of Ganesha Chaturthi with leaves is consider special. 21 leaves of Masi, Paruhati, Vilvam, Aruku, Umathai, Ilantai, Tulsi, Mango, Gold Arali, Vishnu Granthi, Pomegranate, Nochi, Vanni, Arasu, Nuna, Erukku, Devadaru. They are suitable for Ganapati worship. It is enough for us to bless them with the leaves available near our house.
  • All things must be done in worship of Ganesha. If you bless and worship with 21 types of leaves to get the grace of Ganesha. You will get crores of benefits. His myth says that if Ganesha is worship with any leaf in that way, what is the benefit?
  • Since each leaf has a benefit, it should submit 21 times with the available leaves recite the transmigrations of Ganapati. Follow the adoration with 21 flowers and 21 leaves. It is necessary to make 21 devotional offer and worship.


  • Arugambul worship is the worship of resolve alleles. Durva means arugambul. Yukmam means double. It is customary for us to chant Arugambul during Archana. You can get benefits by worship Arugambul. Take the arugamburas in two and say the name of Kananathan. Thus the thought will come true.
  • Adjacent will also not perish except as it dry up no matter how long it rains. It will also bloom immediate even if it rains a little. We will know the greatness of our ancestors when we see the example of Arugambul greet us to be hope without get try no matter how much suffer comes.


  • There is nothing to match the arugula. The Kubera has said that more than his wealth is near. The nectar extract from the sea of ​​milk fell on the grass and was not destroy. It is true that this grass, which is suitable for worship, absorbs the force of gravity. It has the ability to store the power of good and repel the power of evil.
  • Yashini Devi was penitent think of marry Goddess Mangai Ganesha. But the legend says that Ganesha, who did not agree to it, became Arugambul and bless him to be with him as his favorite object. When Parvati and Shiva play motherhood, Nandi, who was the referee, curse Nandi because she was angry because she spoke in favor of Shiva. He also later absolve himself of the curse.


  • During Ganesha, he create Arugambul and receive the curse say that he would get the curse if he offer the object to Ganesha. Ganapati does not have a man-height garland. Handle proximity is enough. Arugambul is called Pillaiyar grass. The houses are worship by place the nut in the nearby dung or turmeric. Arugambul belongs to the worship of Ganapati. It is benefits not only for Arugambul Gananathar, who is also known by many names such as
  • Durvai,
  • Meghari,
  • Padam,
  • Muthandam, but also as an herb.
  • There is a myth to this.



  • Jwalasuran was curse as evil by the un want addition of Analan. Thus he became a savage and impersonate the gods. No one could even go near him because he had receive so many gifts and his body was so hot at birth. Jwalasuran turn everything to ashes. The gods, not know what to do, pray to the child and ask for his help. He also got rid of him and went to his place to protect the gods. Ganapati moments there all oscillate in the heat. Thus Ganapati is anger cross the line. He also attack Jwalasurana with great fiery form.
  • Ganapati grabbed him and swallowed him when the monster rest. Count the power of the heat-tolerant his worship. The gods all did something to cool Kannada. The fire did not go out at all.
  • The seven Sapta Rishis,
  • Atri,
  • Brigu,
  • Kutsar,
  • Vashishtar,
  • Gautama,
  • Kasipu and
  • Angrasar, together with twenty-one ara-sizes of sand, came and place them on his head.
  • His body cool and the heat in his stomach subside.



  • Pillaiyar enjoy the coolness of the heat cause by the grass. From then on, Pillaiyar said that he would give the boon to anyone who perform puja with his favorite Arugambul. One can remedy the field defect, Mangalya defect and Buddha defect cause by Ketu. Obstacles caused by the moon, who can overcome the defects. Those who walk in the direction of the moon and Ketu in the Ganesha Chaturthi and Durvashtami will get rid of all the doshas. If they also worship Pillaiyar in the vicinity.
  • Astrology says Ketu is the lord of grass plants. Whether one is Ketu in Lucknow in the horoscope or the Moon is associate with Ketu and is born at the footsteps of Ketu’s Ashwini, Magam and Moolam. They will also always be confuse with memory loss and some kind of fear. Such an organization would bring Ganesha close and remove the confusion and fear of worship on the days of Ketu’s Ashwini, Magam and Moolam.
  • The process of forget memory will also remove the stress in the daily life of man. Proximity is the best medicine to memory. If you also dry and powder in the shade of Arugambul and drink the infusion daily, your memory will increase. He loves and accepts the simple Arugambul in order to be without the arrogance of being. The arugambul has three ends on the same stalk to show that the mind, the will and the body are to be sharp and the divine is to obtain.

Ganesha Chaturthi: Arugambul worship for Lord Ganesha


  • Erukkam flower is also known as Arka flower. It is an flower to worship Ganesha. The sun is called argon. Worship Ganesha with a flower is suitable for the sun removes vignes. And the grace of the sun, the soul becomes strong and healthy. Plus get the grace of Ganesha.
  • Those who suffer from constant problems, worry, debt, poverty, etc. In life will gradual decrease to worship Arugambul Saathi to Lord Ganesha. It is generally said arugambul is cool. Peace of mind can also obtain by worship such a cool arugambul Vinayaka.

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