What are the good signs behind crows bark in house?

Here we discuss about what are the good signs behind crows bark often in house.


  • It’s enough if I see someone in black. Let’s look at them right away and joke that you look like a crow. But this crow has more abilities than other birds. The crow is said to have the knowledge to perceive all three periods. The crow is well aware of the things that have happened. Feels good about what’s going on. It has been said that this crow has the power to sense the pros and cons that may come in the future.
  • The quill lays its eggs in the crow’s nest. It is well aware that it is not its own egg. However, many of us know that the crow will fry the egg in his nest and give it to the crow until the quill grows bigger. Knowing that this is not his egg, not his chick, there are no words to praise this crow, which has the quality of protecting the quill’s egg.
  • This crow, which has many such good qualities and good power within it, will also continue to come and dissolve in the home of some people. Some will also even chase after hearing its noise. But the crow would come back and bark at the door or window of the house.


  • That means the crow is conveying something good news to your home. It has been said that in the course of time, if the crow comes to your house often and screams, something good is going to happen to you. Do not abandon the crow for fear that the crow will come and keep screaming.
  • If the crow keeps coming and screaming in your house, put whatever food you can into it to eat. There is nothing wrong with that crow eating that prey and dissolving it again. There is no harm in doing so, except for the benefit of the home. Some will also even say that the guest is coming home.
  • Well, the next time we go out in a hurry sometimes the naughty favorite model crow will also come and spit on us and leave. ‘When the beautiful dress is dressed up and carried away, the raven’s favorite crow has become like this!’ We would have heard that a lot of people even scolded the crow.


  • The crow’s residue falls on us, we spend time washing away the saliva. The time we can go is a little late for us. This delay is something that can also benefit us. Something might have put us in danger if we had gone out sooner. Or there may be some obstacles that also prevent us from doing the right thing.
  • It is to break down those barriers, to prevent harm from coming to us that the crow will also spit on us and delay us. We do not benefit from crow saliva. If you have had similar experiences in your life, think back a little. Only you can understand. We conclude with the idea that only good will also always happen to those who think it is good.




  • You might have seen more times, when suddenly you see a crow eat the food in front of you. This is a good thing and a subh sign. That means the work that you have done will be completed. This is the reason why you hear many elderly people say that one should always feed the crows from the front.



  • Crows cawing with their beak in front of your house means that in the future, there might be guests coming to your house.  Our ancient Rishis, such behavior from Crows means that your family member or friends is living far away, could be in a foreign land is coming to visit your home. This is a sign from crows bark, they are going to come and visit you.

Significance related to crows coming to your house


  • The crow is the bird that man sees day by day in his everyday life. Crows are said to be a feature of our dead ancestor, so it is customary to feed the crow on their memorial days. Even today in the countryside, if the crow is restless. You can hear someone talking about the omen that a guest is coming and that something good is coming.
  • Kakkaipatiniyar, a Sanskrit poet, has told of the good omens of the crow. They are that the crow’s going from right to left during the use will make its profit and going from left to right will cause its loss. If the crow is flying towards the traveling lover, the journey should be avoid. If a crow is see feed another crow, the journey is sweet.  A crow touches his vehicle, umbrella, shoes or his body, shadow during his journey, he may die prematurely during the journey. Cuckoo may not worry if he knows the prophecy!
  • At the same time, if the crow sprinkles flowers on top, as in the case of Pooja, the journey will also benefit itself in various ways. If you see a crow sitting on a pitcher on a woman’s head. You can see that it benefits her and benefits women. The sound of the crow dissolving for no reason signals famine to come, the crow flying around for no reason harassing enemies and the crow also flying unusually at night signaling something dangerous to the area.

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