What are the benefits of Guru Peyarchi to zodiac sign from the year Sept 14, 2021?

Here we discuss about what are the benefits of Guru Peyarchi to zodiac sign from the year Sept 14, 2021.


  • Guru will travel in a zodiac for 12 months. Sometimes he travels magically and then on a curve. Guru’s journey will also bring good fortune to some by sight. The marriage will also take place comfortably, get a good job, and for some it will be a blessing. In this auspicious year i.e. 2021, 2022. He travels in Capricorn, Aquarius and Pisces. For those born in Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo and Virgo, this tour will show you how to be in good health. Who will be looking for luck and yoga.
  • Guru of the Navagraha is worshiped as Ponnavan. The proverb ‘Benefit of seeing the Guru’ came into being because the vision of the Guru gives golden benefits. Guru returns to Capricorn at 02.22 pm on Tuesday, September 14, the 29th day of the month of Avani.
  • Guru Karthika, who travels directly in Capricorn. It will also travel directly from Capricorn to Aquarius on Saturday, November 20 at 11.31 pm. He travel in Aquarius for a few months. They will be traveling in Pisces on April 12, 2022, 2022. He travels in three zodiac signs so you can see what kind of yogas are available for any zodiac sign.


  • Aries zodiac career position, profit position, travels positions as you have the opportunity to change the job career. You get leverage to grow business. Along with the huge cash flow comes the expense. You will also spend on higher education for son and daughter.
  • As the vision of the Guru traveling in Aquarius falls on your domain position. The position of the former saint, and the position of the auspicious events. It will also take place for you, married people will also have children, and successes. It will be sought for new endeavors. Get a good job with a lot of hand pay. Ketu, Saturn’s journey will bring some problems in physical health. But the diseases will be removed by the Guru’s vision. It is good to take care about food. Despite the occasional medical expenses, the diseases are eliminated. And the physical health is wonderful.


  • Taurus zodiac sign with Venus as the lord of the zodiac. He travels to your zodiac this year in the position of fortune, career position, and profit position. His vision is also available to your zodiac for a few months. There will be a sudden cash flow will be good for physical health. You will also go on spiritual journeys.
  • After the month of November, some people may have sudden problems at work that require attention and awareness in the workplace. It is better to listen to the superiors and walk away. His vision your zodiac sign falls on family status, comfort position, debt disease enemy position so the family will be excited and medical expenses will come and go. For some, house building yoga is going hand in hand. Children bring peace and happiness. You will also change to an excited mood.


  • Mercury is the lord of Gemini zodiac. He travels in the eighth, ninth and tenth houses of your zodiac. Although Ashtama Guru sometimes gives difficulties and obstacles. Guru’s vision can benefit you. Guru is going to travel in the ninth house of your zodiac from November onwards. Getting the vision of Guru to your zodiac. It will also remove the problems that had occurred in the physical health. Mental disorders will end. Marriage yoga and child blessing yoga go hand in hand. Cash flow comes from sudden luck. The sufferings caused by Saturn are coming to an end.



  • He travels to your zodiac in the field position, Ashtama position and Bhagya position. Even if Guru’s vision is available to your zodiac sign for a few months. There is a possibility of some obstruction due to the Guru shift. This will take place in November. If you want to talk and decide on the thing of marriage then Avani should start at the end. And decide within the month of Karthika.
  • Otherwise we have to talk about marriage for more than a month. You are likely to experience some vulnerability. During the Guru’s relocation in November to the eighth house. It is good to be careful in the work profession. Even if there is some damage to the body, and your health. It will also improve with the Guru’s vision. Cash flow and expenditure will be correct. Do not rush into debt.



  • Leo zodiac sign with the Sun as the lord of the zodiac, the sixth, seventh and eighth house of your zodiac. Gurupagavan is going to give sometimes positive benefits and sometimes negative benefits. In the month of November, Guru will also move directly to Aquarius.
  • After this the guru vision available to your zodiac sign is going to make the biggest change and improvement in life. There are huge profits to be made in business. Get promotion at work. Get rid of clutter in your workplace and get a pay raise that enhances value and respect. You will be mentally and physically excited.

Benefits of Guru peyarchi palan to zodiac sign from sept14, 2021


  • Mercury Lord Virgo zodiac sign Virgo zodiac sign, your zodiac sign Guru’s vision for a few months is the highlight. He has benefited the Guru as he travels in the fifth, sixth and seventh houses of your zodiac. Sudden medical expenses will also come after November to catch up on latent diseases. Need to focus on food matters. Sleep can cause problems.
  • During his journey in April next year, the direct vision of the Guru will be available to your zodiac sign to get rid of disease problems. And the problems in the workplace where physical health is good. You will also make a clear decision on any one issue. Wedding things will take place. Married couples also get the blessing.

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