Weekly benefits of purchasing goods.

Here we discuss about Weekly benefits of purchasing goods.


  • We still follow some of the important things mentioned by our ancestors in our daily lives. Thus our forefathers mentioned his things that should be done regularly in a few weeks and the deeds that should not be done in a few weeks. So let’s continue to travel to find out in detail about which products we can also get good benefits for us on which days according to the tips they also have said. Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday is auspicious for wearing new clothes. Sunday is also OK. Tuesday and Saturday are consider inauspicious. For add luck, ensure the day is govern by one of the following asterisms.


  • The Moon is the only auspicious day for Lord Shiva. Buy items that are white on this day will also bring peace and happiness to your family. Thus buying rice, sugar, milk and milk related items on Monday also will give the best results. But avoid buying grains, stationery, electronics, etc. on Mondays.


  • Tuesday is the auspicious day for Murugan and Anjaneyar. Buying or selling land today can be very special. Likewise doing all the things related to property today would be beneficial. Avoid buying milk, wood and leather products on Tuesdays.


  • Today is Wednesday dedicates to the Lord. On Wednesday there will always be a lot of items at home with the purchase of green vegetables, home decor items, sporting goods and educational items. But nowadays utensils should avoid buying items like rice, medicine and kerosene.


  • Thursday is the best day to worship Dakshinamoorthy and receive his blessings. Today, buying electrical appliances such as TV, fridge, computer, cell phone, etc. will also benefit the home. Do not bring glassware and other sharp objects into the house on this day.


  • Friday is seen as the auspicious day for Ambal. Nowadays the economic environment of the home is enhanced by the purchase of luxuries, perfumes and cosmetics. On this day it is very important to avoid property related things like buying vehicles.



  • Saturday is the day due to Lord Saturn. On this day it is very special to buy water drinking vases and flowers. But avoid buying metal products, wood and leather goods, and home-grown cereals on Saturdays. Buying things made of iron. It is not considered auspicious for a Saturday. It may also say that buy such items displeases Shani Dev, and brings bad luck. Donate iron or things made of it. It is highly auspicious.



  • Sunday is the best day to receive the grace of the sun lord. Buying glassware today can be very rewarding. But avoid buying red goods, wheat and vehicles on Sundays. Begin with Sunday, it is believe we should not buy items made of iron and not bring these items to home. And it may also believe that it also might invite poverty and bad luck. Besides this, buy items of red colour is believe to bring good luck.

Weekly benefits of purchasing goods


  • Sunday: You may also start work relates to medicines and wood. Sunday is an auspicious day to commence study and buying-selling iron items. Do not travel on the west and do not organize farewell. You may also do not initiate marriage life on the Sunday.
  • Monday: The Moon’s day may yield you spontaneous results. You can also buy vehicles, clothes, move to party, and journey. Do not commence new business or job on Monday. You do not travel in the East direction.
  • Tuesday: The Mar’s day gives you medium results. You may also start medicine undergo surgery, do technical and property work on Tuesday. Do not initiate court matters and education on this Tuesday. Avoid travel the north side on Tuesday.
  • Wednesday: Wednesday for entertainment and money related works. Do choose this Wednesday for short journeys, music-art, and even for buy Iron. You can also commence professional and medical education on this Wednesday day. Avoid pay debt and property works, and travel on the north side on Wednesday.
  • Thursday: The Jupiter may also consider to auspicious to buy a valuable item such as gold, and do investments. Do not on the south side and avoid takes alcohol and non-vegetarian on this day.
  • Friday: The Friday is a Venus day is soft and witty. Make your love relationship, do buying and selling on this Friday day. Do not travel on the west side. Avoid the monetary investments and handles the marriage problems.
  • Saturday: Start your marriage, job on Saturday, which will also bring long-stands and immediate good results. Avoid your legal works like medicinal work on the day as the day tends to prolong the matters. Do not buy or sell Iron items. Avoid travel on East side on Saturdays.

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