Venus transit in Libra on Sept 06, 2021.

Here we discuss about Venus transit in Libra on Sept 06, 2021.


  • Venus which manages beauty, love and creativity, moves from Virgo to Libra. Entering Libra from Virgo at 01:03 am on Monday 06th September 2021, Venus is going to be in this zodiac until October 2nd. Usually the displacement of the planets affects each zodiac sign.


  • Venus goes to the 7th house of Aries. Thus this shift will be good for these zodiac signs. During this time you will have the opportunity to enjoy good time with family and friends. You will shine in the community. Everyone wants to be with you during this time. You will do anything better at this point. Your passion will help you move towards the path of success and growth during this time. Financially, you will have better cash flow.


  • Venus goes to the 6th house of Pisces. It is therefore advisable to take care of health as you may face health related challenges during this time. Otherwise, it may affect your daily productivity. No competition will be in your favor these days. You need to avoid borrowing or getting into conflict. Everyone will love you for your excellent work in the workplace. Try to learn all the things at this point. Avoid having your thoughts wandering or uncertainty to get the best result.


  • Venus goes to the 5th house of Gemini. Thus this period will be a good time for these zodiac signs. Creativity and artistry will be more exposed and it will be appreciated in the community. Those in the fields of cinema, music or the arts will reap good rewards. Make a good profit during this time. Good time for lovers. You will spend more time with your loved one. Control unnecessary expenses to maintain savings however.


  • Venus goes to the 4th house of the cross zodiac. Thus this will be a good time and you will enjoy comfort and luxury during this time. Good time to buy any luxury item or vehicle for you. It is a great time to invest in assets. You will spend a little more money to decorate and better improve the house. During this time you will develop good relationships with your mother and family members. Promotion is likely to be available mainly during this period.


  • Venus goes to the 3rd house of Leo. Thus this period will be partial. You will maintain good relations with your siblings & parents. Employees may encounter some conflicts in the office. You get name and fame at work. Get the full support of those around you during this time. Use your leadership and management skills to achieve your goals during this period. However, control your anger and aggression. Individuals involved in media, writing, publishing, film industry or creativity will get good results during this period.


  • Venus goes to the 2nd house of Virgo. This will be a good time for The Virgo zodiac signs. Luck will be in your favor. It has possibility to undertake long distance trips. At the same time this trip will benefit you and help you improve your finances. Speak softly to anyone during this time. Due to your luck during this time, you will get better returns. Overall, this is a good time to implement your best ideas.


  • Venus goes to the first house of Libra. Thus this shift period will be a very exciting time for these zodiac signs. You will make a good profit with your intuition and intelligence. Anyone involved in the field of science, medicine or research will find a good solution to anything or create anything new during this time. Your personality will attractive and influential. You want to be beautiful and sexy during this period. Financially, your costs will be higher. You cannot accumulate or save money.


  • Venus goes to the 12th house of Scorpio. Thus you can get good profit from foreign sources. Unmarried people can find their spouse. During this period you may have unnecessary expenses and spend your money on your spouse. As for the love life, even though this period is good for you, it can create some problems in your married life as well.


  • Venus goes to the 11th house of Sagittarius. Thus this period will be favorable in terms of your income and profit. In the service sector, those involved in medicine will reap good benefits during this period. However, you should avoid borrowing or lending during this period. Gains through enemies will also be yours. Your competitive mindset will be good and you will benefit from the competition as well. This is a good time to enjoy your love life.


  • Venus goes to the 10th house of Capricorn. This will be one of the best shifts of Venus. Venus is going to give auspicious benefits at work during this time. People will recognize you for your creativity. Those involved in law, creativity, design, food or publishing or the film industry will make huge profits during this period. Financially, this will be a good period, and you can also make gains through foreign sources.

Benefits of Venus transit in libra on sept 06, 2021


  • Venus goes to the 9th house of Aquarius. Thus this period will be very favorable for these zodiac signs. Your luck will be in your favor, so the efforts taken will pay off during this period. You can take any long distance trips with your family during this period. Good time to visit pilgrimages and religious places. Those involved in the fields of decoration, creativity, design, and graphics will make good gains during this period.


  • Venus goes to the 8th house of Pisces so this period will be good for these zodiac signs. May give rise through suffering. Even if you get bad results in the beginning, once those results strengthen you, you will start to realize the mistake you made. Through this you will get success and growth. This is a good time to spend quality time with your life partner. You will spend your money to buy good and luxury items for your spouse. Be very determined and use your intuitive ability to maximize your profits.

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