Uthirakosa mangai most ancient shivan temple in Tamil literature.

Here we discuss about Uthirakosa mangai most ancient shivan temple in Tamil literature.


  • Uthirakosa mangai is a tiny hamlet. It is also known as shivan temple. And it also consider as 3000 years of old.  It is also known as mangalanatha swamy temple. And it also situate near ramanathapuram in the ramanathapuram district of Tamilnadu. It is one of the ancient Hindu temples in Tamil literature. This is the place that they where shivan transfer the secrets of Vedas to Parvathi.
  • Uthiram means updesham, kosam mean secretes and Parvathi means mangai. This place is also known as Uthirakosa mangai. This temple is worship by the devotees for marriage. And the child related problems.

It is most one of the rare shivan temple possess in the three forms of worship lord shivan. That is:

  • Moorthi (deity),
  • Virutcham (tree) and
  • Theertham (Sacred water).
  • The main attraction of this temple is a statue of Natarajar. It is made about 51/2 feet tall. This temple is build by the Pandya kings. Achutappa Nayak (1529- 1542 A.D), the Hindu ruler of Thanjavur. And the other kings of ramanathapuram is sethupathy dynasty contribute to the temple. The temple is maintain and administer the Hindu religious of the government in tamilnadu.


  • The shivan temple is located in 32km east from paramakkudi and 17km West from Ramanathapuram. And this temple has seven tiered Raja gopuram. This shivan temple has shrines with those of  lord shivan, Mangalambigai, and Natarajar is the prominent. The separate shrines for Shivan are the form of lingam and Mangalambigai.
  • It has 6 ft. tall ancient Natarajar carved out of inside the temple. This temple features stone carve of yali depicted with roll stone ball inside its mouth.
  • The granite images of the deities are:
  • Ganesha.
  • Murugan.
  • Nandi and
  • Navagraha.
  • They are also located in the hall leads to the sanctum.
  • Shivan temple is the old temple with 16 gopuram. And it also spread over 20 acres of land with large pond. It is also called Theertham. Enter the temple through Raja gopuram. And the second and third gates are many pillars carve with figures of deities. After cross the third gate, a great Nandi welcome devotees. This is a vehicle of Shiva.


  • It may also believed that problems are also related to:
  • The sins of the previous birth.
  • Jathaka Dosham.
  • Marriage related problems.
  • Delayed marriages.
  • It will also solved in this temple. You may also visit this temple and prays the Ambal and Shiva Linga. It also believed that worship mangai on the many occasions of a day.


It may also gives various benefits such as:

  • The morning worship also gives the relief from previous birth sins.
  • The afternoon worship also gives the relief from this birth sins.
  • The evening worship also gives wealth.



  • This shivan temple is also consider as the first shivan temple of the world.
  • The Shiva Linga in this shrine is Swayambu. It may also self created not sculpted.
  • The Shivan temple at Uthirakosa mangai is also consider as Kasi of the south. That is Dhakshina kasi.
  • This Natarajar statue is also cover with sandal powder for one year. During the day of arudra dharisanam, i.e. Thiruvathirai star day of margazhi month, the sandal powder is change. The new sandal powder coating is given to Natarajar statue in Uthirakosa mangai.
  • It is believe that the Ravana and his wife mandothiri in the Ramayana worshiped the lord shivan of Uthirakosa mangai. And the Ravana- mandothiri marriage was held and head by the Lord Shiva of Uthirakosa mangai temple.
  • This temple has glorified by the hymns of 9th century saint manickavasagar. And it also has hymns in 15th century saint shivan.

Specialities of Uthirakosa mangai shivan temple


  • This shivan temple Uthirakosa mangai is sacred along Ramanathapuram, Sethu madhava Theertham and Lakshmana Theertham. The Natarajar is anoint with sandal paste round the one year.
  • In that Thiruvathirai festival day special worship is practice. It also believe that the small vibration. It can also damage the image. There are no instruments are use in that worship practices. In the front hall has lingam made of padigam.
  • The Hindu legend Vishnu and Brahma may also contest for the superiority. Lord Shiva appeared as a flame, and challenge to Brahma and Vishnu find his source. Brahma took the form of a swan and flying in the sky to see the top of the flame.
  • Vishnu become the boar varaha, and sought its base. Neither Brahma nor Vishnu could find the source and Vishnu conceded his defeat. Brahma lied with the help of thazhambu and he said had found the pinnacle. Shiva gives the punishment to Brahma would never have temples on earth in this worship. And all the Lord shivan temples do not use thazhambu during worship practices.

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