Tirupati temple deities and camphor on chin.

Here we discuss about Thirumal have camphor on chin and its deities of Tirupati temple.



  • Anantalvar is the disciples of Sri Ramanujacharya. He also appointed the simhasanadhipati at that place in the year 1057 AD. Sri Ramanujacharya appoints, his favorite disciple Anantalvar to take care for the Tirupati temple administration and worship. Anantalvar starts her work in Tirumala hills with his wife.
  • Sri Ramanujacharya order to Anantalvar, build the flower garden for the service of Lord Vishnu. He also tell to Anantalvar. All flower garden are only grown for Lord Vishnu. And this flowers are also used for daily sevas and kainkaryams, perform to him on everyday in the Tirupati temple. Anantalvar also starts to build a garden for lord Venkateshwara from his master order.
  • He was staunch devotee of his guru Sri Ramanujacharya. He thought that should not seek help to achieve this divine task. And he also said same to his wife. It is divine task assigned to Anantalvar. We would not be seeking assistance from outside our family. Anantalvar wife obey her husband orders and the work went on many days.
  • It is not an easy task. Tirumala hills are also dangerous back with wild animals. It is a hilly area, and his wife was pregnant during at that time. Lord Vishnu wants to help his ardent devotees. After few days, Vishnu assumed the form of a child and help to Anantalvar wife in the work. He also surprised at his wife emptying mud basket so fast. And he also notice the change and got angry with the child.  He didn’t want help from outsiders to interfere, this work assigned to him by his guru.


  • He said that boy to go away from the site. The boy didn’t listen his words and continued to help them. Anantalvar couldn’t control his anger. He also wants to punish the boy for interfering his land, and his work and his personal affairs. Anantalvar threw the crow bar towards the boy and the crowbar hit the boys chin.
  • The boy runs quickly into the temple. The authorities of the temple found the Lord Venkateshwara bleeding in his chin. And then he went to temple for worship, he found the chin of main deity is bleeding. Anantalvar realised that the boy came to help him and his wife none other than Lord Srinivasa. He pleaded to lord Vishnu to forgive him for his mistake. They applied the camphor on the chin of the idol of Venkateshwara to heal the wound. Camphor may also reduce the heat and increase the coolness. So, this become traditional and followed even today.
  • The crow bar is the cause of scar on the chin of Lord Srinivasa even today. It may display on the wall in the main entrance of the Tirupati temple. The flower garden is built by Anantalvar, still it maintain by the Anantalvar. It is called as Anantalvar Brndhavanam. A seva is perform at this garden by Tirumala Tirupati Devasthanams.


  • Tirupati Venkateshwara is the richest Swami in the world. Tirupati Swami has a clan deity. If many of us ask who the caste deity. They will also say Tirupati Venkateshwara in Thirumalai.
  • The story of Tirupati: Sage Brighu, who wanted to realize who among the three deities Santa Murthy was, first went to the Brahma world, where Brahman was preaching to the gods. So no one noticed the sage. Cursed him and went straight to the workshop.
  • There too Thirumal was lying on his snake bed with Mohana smiling and Lakshmi Devi was the favorite color of his thiruvatis. Going to the peak of his anger, Brighu Sage kick Perumal in the chest, asking if I was asleep without noticing that I had arrived. Perumal got up in a panic, bowed to Sage Brighu and kick himself, thinking that his leg was looking at something and gently grab his feet.
  • Sage Brighu was also delight that Maha Vishnu, he was the most serene of the three worlds and left. Narayanan, who was devastate by the separation of Lakshmi Devi, appear as Srinivasa and searched all over Thirumalai.



  • Many of us accepted Tirupati as a caste deity. They also go and pay homage to their hair and worship their tribal deities. Sri Narasimha Perumal is refer to the deity of Tirupati Venkatavan. ‘Sri Narasimha’ is photograph in the wedding magazine of Thirumalai Vasan at deities.
  •  These reason that before doing neyvediyam to Tirupati, naivetyam is create for his clan deity Narasimha. In accordance with the devotional belief of his devotee Prakalathan, Narayanan appeared from the pillar, in the form of a non-human, non-animal Narasimha, in order to realize that Narayanan would be on the pillar and on the rafters, and wait to kill Iranya Kasipu.

Family Deities of Tirupati temple


  • Lord Venkateshwara represent the five deities include the Moolavirat, it also refer to as Pancha Bermulu. Tirupati Tirumala Devasthanams is the most revered shrines in India.


  • The idol of lord Tirupati Balaji placed to standing in the center of sanctum sanctorum. Technically, it’s not so the idol are place in the right hand corner of the shrine.


  • Pancha Beram and Garbha griha are hosts panchaloha deities of Sita, Rama, Lakshmana, Rukmini, Krishna and chakratalvaar. The Tirupati temple deities are Garuda, Narasimha, Varadaraja, Kubera and Hanuman are in respective sub-shrines.

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