The Spiritual facts behind the Tanjore big temple.

Here we discuss about The Spiritual facts behind the Tanjore big temple.


  • Tanjore Periyakoil has various specialties such as architecture, sculpture and painting. World engineers marvel at the 216-foot-tall air tower and its construction. The Tanjore Great Temple also stands tall as a testament to the architectural prowess of the Tamils.


  • There are various beliefs among the people about the great temple of the glorious Tanjore. Most of the people believe that the shadow of the great temple tower will also not fall on the ground. The Tanjore temple has various specialties of architecture, sculpture and painting. The world engineers marvel at the 216 tall towers and its construction.
  • The temple was build entirely of stone without the use of materials such as wood and iron. It also looks like an inverted one holding a tambourine. The temple is also meticulously build by combining stones. The air tower has been erected here after dedicating the Shivalinga.
  • Great thanks giving grows in the temple
  • The goblin built the big temple in one night
  • The plane’s tower was built of a single stone weighing 80 tons.
  • At night the big temple Nandi get up and go to graze
  • Tanjore big temple rumors
  • The shadow of the temple tower does not fall down ‘is a misleading message meant to illustrate the grandeur of the temple. Most of the people believe it to true.


  • The Peruvudaiyar Kovil is a Hindu temple at Thanjavur. It is also known as big temple, Brihadeeswarar Temple, Rajarajeswarar Temple and Rajarajeswarar. It also built by emperor Raja raja Chola and completed in 1010 AD. The ‘Big Temple’ turns around the years old in 2010.
  • The myth talking about, this has been doing rounds for more than a century. And it is widely believe. It is the shadow of the Big Temple. And it is build by Raja raja Cholan in Thanjavur. It will also not fall on the ground. Other variations include the shadow of the vimana will also not fall on the ground. The shadow of the big temple, 80-tonne apex doom may also not fall.


  • The Tanjore big temple stands amidst the fortified walls, which are probably, add in the 16th century. The vimanam is 66 m high. It is the tallest in the world. The Kumbam of the temple is carving out of a single rock. And it also weighs around the 80 tons.
  • There is a big statue of Nandi. It also carves out of a single rock, at the entrance about 16 feet long and 13 feet high. The entire temple is also made of granite. The nearest sources are at Tiruchirappalli, about 60 km to the west of Tanjore. There is no need for a myth to the grandeur of this feat.


  • The shadow of the tower falls on the ground behind the tower in the morning and in front of the shadow falls in tower in the evening. The real pride of the great temple is that people are not aware of the construction techniques which are the reason for the spread of such misinformation. Many misinformation has been spread the great Nandi in the temple grow. The big temple was also build by the goblin in one night. And the tower of the plane was build of a single stone weighing 80 tons.
  • At the night Tanjore big temple Nandi gets up and goes to graze. The belief they have been nail in the back with a machete. To prevent it from goes that way and the belief. That the political leaders will be in danger if they come here are false myths.
  • There are thousands of techniques to learn about the Big temple. The sanctuary is build into a very precise square with four sides and a slight crease. Similarly if the thread is held in the center of the Shivalingam and carry to the top of the tower it will be at the exact center of the tower. They built the airstrip by attaching individual stones to the orange fruit. The 45 feet tall pillars at the entrance are made by a single stone.

The truth behind the shadow less Tanjore big temple


  • The upper chambers inside the tower are a Bharata Natyam sculpture with 108 angles. On the lower floor are painting laid during the Raja raja period. The Big temple is also the center of rainwater harvesting. They have set up two ways for rainwater to go. The rainwater that falls goes to the dirt line Nandavanam. Then the water will go to the pond in Sivagangai Park. At that time, Raja raja Chola introduces the amazing method to store the rain water in that big temple.


  • There are a lot of miracles like this in the Great Temple. Many of the people rely on misinformation because the things do not go well. Research news about the temple should be share with more people. We need to be fully aware of the great temple and preserve it, “he said.

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