The Secrets of the Palani Murugan statue.

Here we discuss about the secrets of the Palani Murugan statue.


  • Palani Murugan temple is the 3rd Battalion house of Lord Murugan’s houses. Ithalattu Murugan bless the devotees in the Antique Golam.
  • Only four types of anoint materials are use for the murugan idol.
  • They are also,
  • Good oil,
  • Sandalwood,
  • Vibudhi,
  • Panneer is use only in the month of March. All of these, except sandalwood and rose water, are place on the scalp and immediately remove. Only whole anoint from feet to hair, sandalwood and rosewater. Sirasu vibudhi is an offer given to the devotees by the order of Siddhar. It also very rare to get it.
  • Anoint of Swami is done six times a day. This anoint will also complete in five to seven minutes. Once the anoint is over and the decoration is done. Then there is no evening sorority or adorn with flowers until the next anoint.
  • At night only sandalwood bracelet is place in a circular shape on Murugan’s chest. A drop of sandalwood is place between the eyebrows of the idol. In the past, people used to wear sandalwood on their face. This pattern has since been change.
  • The idol of Swami can be very hot. Thus, water would emerge from that idol throughout the night. This water is mix with the anoint solution and distribute as an offer to the devotees present during the morning anoint.


  • In the swami idol, the Rudraksham on the forehead, the eyes, the nose, the month, the shoulders, the hands, the fingers, etc. are as clearly carve as if they also has been carve. Pokers hand color is clear visible. There is always a kind of fragrant smell around the statue. The days it also took poker to make this statue were nine years.
  • It was only after the orders of Ambal, Murugan and Agathiyar that Pokhar attempt to make such as powerful idol. For this he went to many places and selected more than 4,000 herbs. 81 Siddhar prepare this neologism to the word poker. There are reports that time and nature help the Siddhar to reduce their anger. It was done with the common good in mind.
  • Many temples build and consecrate in stone will also fall into disrepair. But the glory of the Siddhar is the reason why this temple. It was also sculpt in the New Testament, continues to grow.
  • There is a small lingam on the left side of the Murugan statue. Go to the right to see him and light the lamp. It is not possible to see that lingam without the light on the lamp. Palani has two lingams. One is the Murugan shrine and the other is on top of the Poker tomb. Reports say that both of them perform poker puja.
  • Thus the Murugan temple has various wonders. It is noteworthy that a large number of people come and benefits from Murugan prayers for prosperity in the family.


  • The Moolavar idol in the Palani murugan temple. It is also known as Thiru Avinankudi, the third house of Lord Murugan. It is made of neo-paganism. Create about five thousand years ago by Poker Siddhartha, a direct disciple of Agathiyar.
  • It contains 9 types of very rare herbs such as
  • Lingam,
  • Horsetail,
  • Carmukil,
  • Rasa Senthuram,
  • White Stone,
  • Blood Stone,
  • Kambi Navarasam,
  • Gauri Stone, and
  • Sita Stone.


  • With the help of other disciples, includes his disciple Pulipani Siddhar. He also create the Neolithic idol in the Meykanda Siddhar Cave at Kanniwadi. Poker Siddhar, the creator of the neo-pagan statue, sought to find a place where the dominance of Mars was high enough to dedicate the statue. Then he realize that the most suitable place for it was this Palani hill call Mr. Avinankudi and dedicate it there.


  • Droplets were create by the Neolithic throughout the murugan statue, cause a large amount of sweat to overflow from the statue at night. Therefore, during the Rakala Puja, a circular sandalwood bracelet is place only on the chest of the neo-pagan idol. A piece of sandalwood is place in the middle of the eyebrow of the idol and a vessel is place under the idol.

Palani murugan idol and the source of the overflowing sweat


  • Many devotees are wait at the murugan temple, the second abode of Panneer leaf Vibudhi Majesty Murugan, to witness the early morning Visvarupa Darshan and the night school prayers. The reason is that during the Visvarupa Darshan in the morning. It also customary to offer the Panneer leaf vibudhi. A large number of devotees will be wait in front of the murugan Sanctuary during the Visvarupa Darshan to purchase the Panneer Leaf Vibudhi offer. Many devotees is wait for this as Panneer leaf is use as a heal remedy. The Palani Murugan Temple, the sweat of the source and the anoint sandalwood are use as medicine.

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