Spiritual things helps to solve problems in life.

Here we discuss about spiritual things helps to solve problems in life.


  • Sometimes there is no easy solution to the problem that may come to us. Famine for problems in life for has born as human beings. If a problem goes away there are many problems waiting in line behind it. Some of the problems will go unnoticed. But if we are stuck in some problem then biggest difficulty is to get out of it. It is a work relates issue, a family related issue, a child related issue, a cash crunch or a debt burden, and tears will only come out of our eyes at a time when some hardships are confusing to the mind without being able to tell the outside world. There will be no one to tell the difficulty out.
  • Spirituality is the way shows how to deal with life. The all mess we are faces to create by our own mind. Most of the problems are because of misunderstands or expects more than you actually deserve. Spirituality helps you to grow from your inside so you can know the reality of life not what your mind is shows you.
  • Spiritual does not divert your mind from the problem. And it makes our mind more concentrate and know and understand the root cause of the problem. Once the root cause of the problem is known, inquisitive mind start searches various solutions. Spiritual person has a peaceful and steady mind so he can also easily find the best solution.


  • When we are in such a miserable situation, only the Lord can give us a hand and share our hardships. How to worships the lord in our time of need as if it were our home. Let us know that if we light any lamp and appeal to the Lord about our difficulties, the solution to that difficulty will be available immediately.
  • This remedy is likely to be known to some people. However this is the record that has been told for the uninitiate to know.



  • Not many people have heard of this so much. We would have seen it in many temples. But, some people do not know why this lamp is mount.
  • Break a coconut in two, spread a little paste on top of a coconut plate, place these coconut lids on top of it, pour coconut oil or ghee all over the coconut lid and light the lamp with a lotus stalk. It is not necessary to mount this only in temples. You can also load into our home as well.
  • No matter how great the difficulties of lighting this fire in your home on Monday and Sunday, appeal to the Lord for those difficulties. Of course that difficulty will come to a good end in three weeks.
  • Pick one of these two days, which may come on a Tuesday or Sunday week. If you also start mounting this lamp at home on Tuesday, you will also need to mount it on Tuesday 3rd. If you start to light the lamp on Sunday you should light this lamp in your house on 3 Sundays.



  • Once the coconut lamp is lit, we can use the coconut for our home use. If not, you can also take the coconut separately from the husk and cut it into small pieces and put it on the cow. It’s up to you. Let us conclude this record by presenting the idea that the inexhaustible difficulty of praying to the gracious Lord is to light this fire and benefit all.

Spiritual ways to enhance power to solve problems


Here are some simple suggestions as a concrete technique to use generally in solving your personal problems:

  • You need to believe that for every problem there is a best solution.
  • Keep your mind calm. Tension blocks the flow of thought power. Your brain cannot operate efficiently under steer. Go at your problem easy-like.
  • Don’t try to force the answer. Keep your mind relax.
  • Assemble all the facts impersonal and judicial.
  • List these facts on paper. These are clarifying your thinking and bring the various elements into order system.
  • Pray your problems, affirm the God will also flash illumination to your mind.
  • Believe in and seek god’s guidance.
  • Go to temple and let subconscious work on the problem as attune to the mood of worship. Creative spiritual think has excellent power to give ‘right’ answers.
  • You may also follow these steps faithfully. The answer may also develop in mind, or comes to pass. It is the answer to your problem.
  • Express your gratitude and perform the salutations. And then put forward your problem to the deity clearly and request his guidance.
  • Now express your gratitude again and open your mind. Feel happy and the problem has already been taken care of.

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