Soy Protein and immunity foods benefits and risks.

Here we discuss about Soy Protein and immunity foods benefits and risks.


  • Foods made from soy have long been very popular. Soy is rich in amino acids and proteins. When it comes to protein-rich foods in general, animal foods are the number one priority. This is because animal meat is high in protein. However, a plant-based diet, such as soy, can provide both healthy and moderate vegetarians with adequate health and taste.
  • Soy is rich in nutrients, minerals, vitamins and other nutrients. Foods made from soy such as soy beans, tofu, edamame, soy milk and soy milk are very popular among the people of the world. Soy proteins foods are essential nutrient that helps to regulate the functions in the human body. A soy food has no cholesterol and low in saturated fat. Animal protein foods high in saturates fat and cholesterol increase your risk of developing the heart disease.



  • This soy is high in protein. Protein has more nutrients that play an important role to keep the body healthy and active. The structure of the cells in our body makes up the protein. Therefore protein is need to regenerate the affect cells.
  • Soy is a protein that isolated from soybean. Dehulled and defatted are process into three kinds of high protein products such as soy flour, concentrates, and isolates. This soy foods are made from the soybeans. Soy beans are good source of high quality protein, making the soybean and it foods products are superior in protein source for people and it is follow a strict diet.


  • This soy foods are good sources of vitamins and minerals. It is essential in vitamin-B, iron, zinc, and array of antioxidants round out the nutrition quality of soy. Foods rich in nutrients such as protein and vitamin C have the potential to strengthen our immune system. Soy foods are high in nutrients like protein, vitamin C and omega 3 will boost our immunity. It enhances the immunity level. Soy foods are fruits, vegetables, fish, and meats are increases the protein and it receive the essential amino acids and its boost immunity.


  • Soybeans are composed of protein but also contain good carbs and fat. The nutrition facts for 100 grams of boiled soybeans are 170 calories, 61% of water, 16.3% of protein, 9.7 grams of carbs, 3 grams of sugar, 5 grams of fiber, 8 grams of fat.


  • Soy is a nutrient source of protein that can safely consume several times in a week that provides the potential health benefits. It can also managing the obesity reduces the breast cancer risk, reduce the risk of diabetes, and treating osteoporosis.


  • It is important for people with soy sugar to maintain a balanced level of sugar in their blood. Soy foods can help maintain a healthy blood sugar level. Eating soy foods are also helps to reduce the lower cholesterol, decrease blood sugar level and it improves the glucose tolerance in people with diabetes.
  • It is good food choice for people suffer from diabetes. It can help you to manage levels of blood sugar in the body.


  • Our bones need to be healthy if our body is to be healthy. Soy reduces bone turnover markers in women during early menopause, if we eat too much isoflavones, it can cause bone loss due to estrogen deficiency and bone loss. The impact of dietary soy is bone strength in postmenopausal women. Eat more soy it also helps to strengthen bones in women of all ages.


  • Soy food intake and treatment outcomes of women undergoing assist reproductive technology was recently conduct among women attempt to conceive soybeans to aid in fertility. It was concluded that soy helps women who are trying to conceive artificially to get pregnant easily. Soy protein are increase the menstrual cycle length and decrease FSH and luteinizing hormone levels. Eating tofu not make you infertile.

Soy has rich in protein and immunity foods


Soy foods have a variety of benefits, it should be borne in mind that there are also the following risks from eating them.

  • Some people are suffering from allergies due to eating soy foods. Those foods are supposed to cause allergies in their body.
  • There are also reports that giving soy milk instead of milk to young children can be a barrier to the growth of children.
  • If you eat too much soy foods, there is a chance of diarrhea due to the insoluble nutrients in them.
  • If we eat too much soy foods, the thyroid movement in our body will be inhibited and the thyroid secretion is decrease.
  • Women are likely to get cancer if they eat too much soy foods without restrictions.

So, we can live healthier if we taste soy foods in moderation. Soy can cause intestinal side effects such as bloating, constipation, and nausea. It can also cause the allergic reactions involve rashes, itching for some people.

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