Panneer leaf vibudhi in Thiruchendur Murugan temple

Here we discuss about Panneer leaf vibudhi in Thiruchendur Murugan temple


  • The Panneer leaf vibudhi given to the devotees going to the Thiruchendur Murugan Temple is special. There is no other temple that offers such offers as the offers of vibudhi on the Panneer leaf. During the Documentary Festival at the Murugan Temple. One can see the myths about the Panneer leaf vibudhi and the speciality of the leaf.
  • Lord Murugan stood on the beach after the end of the massacre. Together with the scriptures that glorify his glory. They appear here as rose trees that illustrate the glory of Senthilon. So the myth says that the leaves of these also have Vedic magical power.
  • The 12 veins found in the Panneer leaf are reminiscent of the Twelve Hands of Lord Murugan.


  • The Festival is held at the Thiruchendur murugan Temple on the 27th with the flag hoist. As a  measure against the spread of corona, pilgrims were not allow to attend. Every day during the festival, Swami and Valliyambal wake up in separate mornings and evenings. And they walk around the temple interior. In the morning and evening, Swami along with Valli-Devyani, wakes up at Thangachapparam and walks around the temple grounds and enters the temple.
  • The 5th day is held at 5 am yesterday and other period puja follow. In the morning, Swami – Valliyambal Awake, Swami awake with Valli-Devyani at Thangachapparam was held.
  • In the evening, Swami along with Valli-Devyani, awoke at Thangachapparam and visit the temple. Then at 7 pm Swami and Valliyambal awoke in separate Sabbaths before the 108 Mahadeva Sanctums in the inner precincts of the temple. Swami, Deeparadhana take place at Kudavaruvai to Ambal. The service opposite Swami Jayantinath, who was stand opposite, took place in Deeparadhana. Swami and Valliyambal tour the interior of the temple.


  • The main festival of the Festival is the 7th and 8th. These are the days when the Lord will appear in the form of white, red sati and green sati. At 5 in the morning, before the 108th Mahadev Sannidhi of the temple. The Urukusattaseva and the awake of Swami murugan at Vettivar Sappara took place. In the evening, murugan will also perform in the red satti kolam. On the eighth day of the festival, the white satti and the green satti will be on display. On this day of the festival, we will also learn about the specialty of the Twelve Leaf offer to the devotees at the Murugan Temple.


  • The offer of the leaf vibudhi is consider to be a cure for many diseases. Adi Shankara got rid of tuberculosis by eat this leaf. And that is why he sang Sri Subramanian Pujangam.
  • Murugan has 12 arms as six arms on one side. The leaves of the rosewood tree have six to twelve veins, six on each side. It is said that he use to offer of vibudhi and sandalwood to the devotees who use to worship Lord Murugan. So it is say the devotees that it is the wealth of Panneer.
  • A Siddhar by the name of Abhinavakupta perform
  • sorcery,
  • aval,
  • voodoo, and
  • sorcery on Adisankar with the intention of harm him.
  • Thus Adisankar was subject to diseases includes cholera. He, who was in poor health, sought refuge in the Lord. Yet he did not recover. He went to every temple and finally came to murugan temple and pray.
  • At that time, he is give an offer of rose water. He anoint the body with the offer and made it ingest. In a few days all the diseases that had infect him were complete cure.
  • After that he sang Subramania Bhujanga Slogan with 32 songs with great devotion to murugan. All the 32 songs were about the specialty of the temple. And the superiority of the Swami. In the 25th song, he sings proud about the glory of the leaf.


  • If you find your leaf defects, you will also get rid of tuberculosis, sore throat, and gout etc. In the Subramanya Pujanga, Adisankar says that the goblin, the devil and the evil will also leave.
  • Those who go to Thiruchendur usually take the Panneer leaf Vibudhi offer. At the Murugan Sanctuary in Thiruchendur, when the offer of Vibudhi and Sandalwood are given to the devotees. They also give only in the Panneer leaf. The leaf has a total of 12 veins. This panneer leaf looks like the twelve hands of Lord Murugan as Lord Murugan also offer this offer with his 12 hands. The name leaf is said to Maruvi Panniru leaf over time.
  • It is believe that all the deities worship by Lord Murugan are the Panneer trees and the Panneer leaves obtain from it are consider to be unique in their significance. This leaf also offer is offer at the temple in a special way. It is not available in any other temple.
  • The calm power of the flower in the rose petal is abundant. It also gives some benefits to our body. As well as the Panneer leaf is worship by the Lord.


  • Secure Tiruneer in a rose water leaf is like save wealth. Devotees take Panneer leaf vibudhi to their homes and secure it in the prayer rooms and wear it to pray to Senthil Murugan in case of illness. Goats and cows are worship as a gift to Murugan after the disease is cure. Panneer leaf and sandalwood are offer to the devotees.
  • Murugan Puja, sung by Adi Shankara in Thiruchendur, states, “The one who killed Tarakasurana!
  • All the diseases like epilepsy,
  • tuberculosis,
  • leprosy,
  • secretion,
  • cloudburst,
  • intestinal ulcer,
  • cancer, devil and mental illness will also disappear at the mere sight of your water.
  • ” Adisankar refers to it as ‘Bhadra Boodi’ which spreads diseases as soon as it is seen.
  • ‘Bhadra’ is a leaf. Booty is water. In the temple, Tiruneeru, an offer of the Lord, is place on a leaf. Its aroma is unique. It even appears that the smell of vibudhi is further enhance by the leaf. The truth is that the grace of Senthilandavan smells in the leaves.
  • When there was a shortage of material, he gave the coolies a leaf bounty in lieu of wages and told them to open it after cross the Trigger Ganesha temple. The history of the temple says that when they open it. They also thrill to see that Dattam had been paid for his work.

Significance of panneer leaf vibudhi in Thiruchendur murugan temple


  • Ila Vibudhi also perform a great miracle in the life of Bhagavad Gita sung in Pillai Tamil. In his dream he was afflict with chronic pain and appear as a Trisutantra who had the right to worship in the temple. “Sing my praise child in Tamil, your disease will cure,” he said, hand over the leaf and disappear. Thiruchendur has mention this in detail in the Pillai Tamil text.
  • Meenakshi Sundaram Pillai, the scholar who wrote the history of Kumaragurupar who sang Gander Kali Venpa, has sung beautiful as he saw the priests offering leaf offerings at the Senthur temple. If he, who is consider to be a divine incarnation, had thought. He could also have chase away the disease by himself.

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