Navapashana Bhairav in Siddharth – worship Perichiko.

Here we discuss about Navapashana Bhairav ​​in Siddharth -worshiped Perichiko.


  • Bhairava ​​worship is gain popularity today. Kasi Bhairav in Perichiko, which looks like Byrne in Kasi, was design with new styles. This Bhairav ​​looks like Murugan. He is also see as a boon for fulfill the pray of the devotees.
  • Perichikovil Temple is a special place where blessings are bestow, design by Poker Siddhar. Like the idol of Lord Murugan. This pyre idol is a neo-pagan material.
  • It is believe that the idols create by the Navapashana receive the power. And it is believe that the worship of the idol of Swami create by the Navapashanas means that the worship of the murugan, who removes the harm cause by the Navagraha. It is incurable diseases can also cure by eat the anoint Tirtha for the Murugan statue. The Siddhars made everything out of this new pottery just like gold.


  • The Siddhas said that the idols made of neo-pottery receive the powers of the neo-planet. Therefore, many Siddhars made many idols of gods and goddesses. One of the nineteen Siddhars, Pokhar, belong to the Siddhar Vedkovar tribe. He was a student of Sage Kalani. He explored the divine energy, cosmology, biology, and as a result discover medical methods that could cure many diseases. Among the medical texts written by him are
  • Vaidya Sutra,
  • Nikandu,
  • Duvatakandam,
  • Sappakandam and
  • Gnanasutra in spiritual books,
  • Ashtanga Yoga and
  • Gnana Saramsam are important.


  • Poker Siddhar create three neolithic statues by combine neolithic stones. The Lord idol inhabit the Palani hill is a neo-pagan idol by him. And the statue of the child Velappar in the Child Velappar temple at Poomparai on the Kodaimalai slope. The statue of Byrne in Perichiko is also Neolithic. It is rumor that the idol of Murugan was poker before it was made. This idol is believe to have been worship by the Siddhas for thousands of years.


  • Kasi Bhairav ​​poses nude in a skull garland. He also carries a weapon that destroys evil in all eight hands. In one hand he also cuts off the head of the demon and carries it. It was drip with blood. And it was design to look like a dog tasting a pyre. A special puja is perform for this Bhairav ​​on the day of Ashtami and the days of Belarnami.


  • It is worship this neo-pagan deity is necessary for the benefit of the ancient saints. The star of Bhairav ​​is the star of Parani. People born under the star of Parani worship at this place. In six Parani days the anoint of the source Swamy in the pre-Rahu Mukurtha will also cure the ailments. During the Rahu period, if one performs puja by light a lamp for the Bhairav, all the defects will be remove.
  • Byrne is a man who can also overcome fear. All defects can be solve by worship Bhairava. One can start the worship of Bhairava by recite the mantra Om Cream Maha Bhairava Namaha 108 times in one Saturday. If you also worship this Bhairav,
  • you will also get rid of Saturn evil,
  • Pitru curse,
  • female evil,
  • all sins and
  • chronic diseases.


  • Bhairav cures Saneeswaran’s so Byrne becomes Saneeswaran’s guru. The anoint Theertham and the sattva vada garland are not offer to the devotees for this pyre idol. They also put them on the top of the temple. They are also not even eat by birds. It is the statue was made of neolithic stone.


  • It also believe that worship the single Saturn here 11 times. It will also remove the defects. In the 13th century AD, Maravarman Sundarapandian, a king who was afflict with mangosteen. And came to hunt in a place called Kadambavanam. He also went down to the river and soak his feet, intend to bathe in the manimuttar which was grow here. Then the golden bowl in the king’s hand slip and sank into the river. The soldiers who came with the king jump into the water and tried to find the golden bowl.
  • There, Lord Shiva gesture to the soldiers underwater. Upon hear the news from the guards, the king realize that this was a ploy by Eason to free himself from the influence of Manguchani. And also built a temple for Eesan at that place and dedicate it to the Lord. Under the Vanni tree, Lord Saturn is also worship as a lone Saturn. This shrine is that it is the only sanctum sanctorum in Tamil Nadu under the Vanni tree to be bless by Lord Sanibhavan.

Bhairav ​​worship in Perichiko - Single Saneeswarar remove marriage barriers.


  • Sivagangai district, 8 km from Thirukkoshtiyur. If you also go here, you can see the lord and the single Saneeswarar. Special worships are held here on the day of Tea Ashtami.
  • He should come to this correction and worship with sesame lamp, the effect of suffer will be lessen.

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