Lucky zodiac while Guru Bhagavan in Capricorn till November, 2021.

Here we discuss about Lucky zodiac while Guru Bhagavan in Capricorn till November, 2021.


  • Guru Bhagavan is consider to be the best and auspicious planet of all the planets. Such Guru Bhagavan has reached the curve in Capricorn in September. After that he will enter Aquarius. Guru is currently associate with Saturn in the zodiac sign of Capricorn.
  • In astrology Guru Bhagavan refers to knowledge, luck, marriage, growth, children etc. He is also the lord of Sagittarius and Pisces. Guru is generally said to be strong in Capricorn and weak in Capricorn. Since there is a Guru in Capricorn now, it will definitely have some kind of impact on all the zodiac signs. However this Guru Shift period is the auspicious time for the following 6 zodiac signs.


  • This Guru shift will be in favor of Aries sign. This relocation of the Guru will give name and fame to these astrologers. This time in the workplace will be to your advantage. This is a great time for traders. Employees get pay rises and promotions in the workplace. Your honor and respect increase in this period.
  • Aries will also challenge the times in their careers, jobs and businesses. They may advise to focus on the assignments they have in their hands at present and need to work little harder to achieve the desired output. This is essential to secure their position. Finances will also remain secure. They may also able to increase the inflow of money.


  • Taurus signs get a lot of luck with this guru shift. Interrupt work will end. Get long-awaited job opportunities. This change of Guru will be beneficial from an economic point of view. You will also get new income gains. Love life is good. You will also participate in religious activities during this time.
  • Your plans to go abroad can fulfill and all the obstacles will take care of. Money seems pouring in from ancestral property. Health may also trouble you during this phase. You may eat well and take care of your stomach. This will also prove to be good for the people who are indulge in business Projects will finish on time garner appreciation from the clients. You may also busy with religious activity.


  • For crab this Guru shift will bring happiness in married life. The relationship with the spouse will also improve. Better job opportunities are also available. There are also opportunities for wage increases. This is a very favorable period for traders.
  • The problems that existed in the business of joint ventures will come to an end. This is a great time for new entrepreneurs. Career oriented and business people find difficulty to maintain their focus and need to put efforts in their works to achieve results. There will frictions among family members, hence family matters need more attention.


  • This Guru shift for Libra zodiac will increase happiness in your life. Get love from the mother. Your movable and inmove assets will increase. There are a lot of good opportunities in the industry. You will get some benefits from the native property. Entrepreneurs will have to work hard in their business. Guru transit will help your life partner to achieve success. There has peace and harmony in family life. Life will be good inside the house. Problems may also occur at work front. They can also take care of great patience and maturity.


  • Sagittarians have all the potential for financial gain during this Guru shift. There are signs of increasing bank balances. There will be some difficulty in family life. Professionally, going to Guru Capricorn is beneficial. There is a high potential for growth in professional life. There has big improvement in the financial condition of Sagittarius zodiac sign.

Guru Bhagavan in Capricorn till November, 2021.


  • Pisces zodiac sign, you will also get financial benefits during this Guru shift. This period is useful for you. So speed up your efforts to start a great job or sign a new contract. Negotiations regarding marriage are a successful outcome. This guru transit will bring in good times for your business and career. Hard work will be rewarded. If you plan to start a new venture, it will immensely work in favor.
  • You may also need to make work hard. You plan a job change around this time. Get a salary will be a child’s play during this period. You need to watch out for expenses. Don’t splurge too much. Seek the support of your seniors. Domestic life seems fine. Try to sort all issues on your own. It is highly advisable not to let anybody get involved in marital affairs. This might also create problems between the partners. Handle rifts with good care and maturity.

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