Leo monthly horoscope for September 2021.

Here we discuss about Leo monthly horoscope for September 2021.


  • Leo dear ones! This month you have the opportunity to enjoy a pleasant family life. Your economic situation will be stable and favorable. You may also experience some tense moments in the workplace. Also, there are opportunities for you to get a promotion at work. Students may face some minor obstacles, though you can still do better in the course.


  • Peace and harmony may prevail among family members. Married couples should leave each other and behave accordingly. And it is good to understand and act on the needs and feelings of your spouse. This may also lead to good relations.

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  • Your economic status is likely to rise. Job promotion can also lead to an increase in income. This may be enough to take care of your needs. Cash flow can also be fluent. Investing in business will give you good returns. Avoid buying loans. And try to maximize your savings. Also focus on repaying the loan purchased. Higher returns on foreign business investments.

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  • You will be praised by the higher authorities for your excellent work. With that you will also make progress. Your courageous efforts and actions may earn the praise of colleagues. You may also get due recognition for your hard work. The workplace needs to focus on your words.


  • Individuals who do business on their own may shine well in their endeavors. The self-employed have opportunities to gain new customers through new business deals. In general, you can see the profit this month through the industry.


  • Leo professionals working in the media, medical or telecommunications fields can see significant improvements in their careers. If you also act wisely and prudently, you now have the opportunity to get promotion and income increase.

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  • Excessive workload will also make you nervous. You will have to undergo some medical treatment and will have to bear the cost accordingly. You need to focus on your diet. Regular exercise and meditation can also help you deal with stress and improve your health.

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  • School students are more likely to find it difficult to concentrate and focus on education. They may be drawn towards entertainment. If they also overcome such mistakes and focus fully on their subjects, they will be able to do better in their studies. Students pursuing higher education may also face some obstacles. Researchers need to focus fully on their actions to succeed in their studies.

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  • The month of September is favorable for Leo zodiac signs. You also need to control your anger. Rahu sits in your tenth house which is considered to be the home of karma, career, status and fame. So with this shift in Raku, you will be more active about your life. The Sun and Mars where Guru Bhagavan is in your seventh house are looking at this house. This situation signifies success in business. Your business will be happy. You can also start a new job or expand an existing business. This month, the level of education will be full of ups and downs for Leo zodiac signs.
  • The fifth house has knowledge and children and your horoscope guru, the lord of the fifth house is located in the seventh house. This position of Guru is good for education. You will be interest in studying in the first half of the month. But after September 15, the Guru will come to the crooked and the sixth house, which is the house of disease, enemy and debt. This change in Guru Bhagavan’s shift may also hinder your study and writing. Your family life will be in turmoil this month. The fourth house, the shadow planet Ketu is the full moon, which is the home of mother, happiness, vehicle, house and property. With this position of Ketu, there will be dissatisfaction in your family life this month. Coordination between family members can go bad.

Impacts of Leo monthly horoscope for September 2021.


  • However, despite the disagreement and controversy in the family, social respect for you and your family may increase. September will be a mix for you in terms of love life. You will  fall in love in the first half of the month, but in the latter half you may face some challenges. The beginning of the month will be good. If you want to bring love at the end of the wedding, this time is very favorable. The Guru will be in the seventh house at the beginning of the married zodiac month. A view of the seventh house of the two planets Sun and Mars would not be conducive to married life. This month will be financially normal for you.
  • Guru Bhagavan in power is looking after the eleventh house, which is the house of income. This is economically beneficial. The presence of Mercury and Venus in the second house at the beginning of the month is also considered financially good. Health is not in your favor throughout this month. Sun and Mars are located in the house of your zodiac sign and the lord of the eighth house in your horoscope. The eighth house is considered to be age, accident and danger and the sixth house is Saturn. These planetary conditions can also lead to health problems. Some illnesses can make you feel depressed both physically and mentally.

Lucky days: 3, 8, 9, 10, 16, 24
Unlucky days: 6, 7, 20, 21, 22, 23 27

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