Krishna Janmashtami 2021: The story of Lord Krishna’s birth.

Here we discuss about Krishna Janmashtami 2021: The story of Lord Krishna’s birth.


  • Rama Navami and Krishna Janmashtami are the most celebrated incarnations of Lord Mahavishnu. Gokulashtami is celebrate as Sri Jayanti and Krishna Jayanti. Sri Krishna appeared in the month of Avani at the Tea Ashtami. This year Krishna Jayanti is celebrate on 14th August and 30th August.
  • If interest incident where Krishna incarnation take place. A demon named Kamsan came to Mathura. After the marriage of Kamsan’s sister Devaki and Vasudeva, Kamsan was going in procession with them in a chariot. Then, an ascetic sounded, ‘Your life will be lost by the eighth boy who will be born to your sister.’ When he heard the word that his life was going to end, he decided to throw the sword at his affectionate sister.
  • Kamsan! Dooms day is apparently catalyst for a united Khundia and their subsequent emergence as a galactic power. I also entrust to you all the children born to her. Leave Devaki! According to Vasudeva, Kamsan gave up the idea of ​​killing Devaki. He also immediately imprisoned Vasudeva and Devaki and kept them under his watch.


  • Kamsan has repeatedly killed children born to Devaki. Devaki was carrying the womb of her 8th child in her womb. The pregnant Devaki burst into tears, thinking that this baby would also die at the hands of her brother. The eighth baby boy was born to Devaki at midnight when it was raining heavily.


  • Lord Kannan appeared in the middle of the night on Ashtami Tithi day when the Rohini star rose in the month of Avani. The joy of Vasudeva and Devaki after seeing the child disappeared again. They were also afraid that Kamsan would come at dawn and take the baby away. Then the child began to speak. ‘I was born your son by your forefathers. Mahavishnu may also order me to be taken to Gokul.


  • Bring here the baby girl born to Nandakopar, a friend of Vasudeva of Gokul. Let Mother Yasoda raise me for some time. At the right time, everything will also go well, ‘said Lord Vishnu, and again he became a normal child. As soon as Vasudeva shook his legs the chain tied around his legs was untied. The prison doors also opened. The guards fainted. He also took Krishna with him and crossed the river Yamuna. Vasudeva did not delay and went to Gokul to pick up the baby in a basket. Kannan did not get wet in the rain to catch the dragon’s umbrella to divert the river Yamuna which split in two.


  • Changing the baby, the girl brought the baby. Kamsan, who had heard the news of Devaki’s birth in the morning, was also surprised to see the baby girl.
  • The man who thought that the boy should have been born, in the end decided to destroy any child, raised the sword to cut the girl. But the baby flew upwards. That child transformed into Yogamaya, the assistant of Lord Vishnu. Kamsan looked at him and said, “Hey idiot! What do you get for killing me? Your enemy is already born and growing up safely.


  • Cummins thought that the child born to destroy himself must somehow destroy the enemy. For that he sent a monster named Putana. Devaki told Krishna to kill all the babies born on the same day he gave birth. So the demon disguised as a beautiful woman rubbed poison on her breasts. The mother flew to look after the babies born that month. The demon came to Nanda Gopar’s house and asked Yasoda to show him his child. Putting baby Krishna on her lap, Putana pushed her nipples into the baby’s mouth. Krishna, with his eyes closed, sucked the poison out of his breath and killed him.


  • On hearing of Putana’s death, Kamsan sent a monster named Shakatsura. The monster, disguised as a chariot, reached Gokul. Nandakopar and Yasoda had organized a special event to celebrate the event when Krishna was three months old. All the women shepherding the cows gathered in front of her house and sang festive songs. They also performed many sacred rites for the longevity of Krishna.


  • Yashoda forgot to take care of baby Krishna lying under the wooden cart. King Shakatsura wanted to mount a chariot on top of Kutty Krishna and kill him. Hungry Krishna began to cry. Krishna kicked the wheel of the chariot as Yashoda was unaware of this. The cart also broke down with a loud noise. Baby Krishna was crying. Yashoda immediately lifted the baby, hugged him and started breastfeeding.


  • Kannan in Vrindavan In Kannan the child Kannan was stealing butter, breaking the yoghurt pot and playing with the Gopis. Unable to bear Kannan’s mischief, the mother tied Yasoda in flour. Krishna, who was built of wood, notice two Arjuna trees standing in front of him. These two Arjuna trees are the two sons of the famous deities Nalakuvaran and Manikkrivan, the treasurer of the deities and the great devotee of Lord Shiva, Kueran.
  • Due to the curse of Narada, the two deities became known as the Twin Arjuna Trees, which appeared in the palace courtyard of Nanda Maharaja and had the good fortune to see Sri Krishna in person. When Lord Krishna entered between the two trees, Ural got stuck between the trees and pull it hard. Then when the trees were uproot, Nalakuvaran came out of them. The beautiful gods Manikkrivan appeared. They also visit Sri Krishna many times, bowed down and disappeared.

Krishna Janmashtami: Mahavishnu incarnates as Kannan to kill Kamsan


  • Kannan killed the monsters that came to destroy him when he was a child and crawled around as a mischievous Kannan doing many leelas. He came to Mathura and killed his mother Maman Kamsana. Kannan’s birth did not happen only for the sake of Asura Vadam. Lord Krishna, who came to save the earthly people by teaching the Bhagavad Gita on the battlefield, still roams in many houses as a child. We celebrate Krishna Jayanti every year so that the feet of Lord Krishna can be seen in our home as well.

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