How to cure insulin naturally without medicine.

Here we discuss about How to cure insulin level naturally without medicine.


  • Diabetes is a chronic disease. It has different causes are associated with type of insulin. Type 1 diabetes is also causes the immune system mistake to attacks and destroys the insulin producing beta cells in the pancreas. Type 2 diabetes are combination of genetic and lifestyle factors. Overweight are increase your risk more. Obese carry the extra weight in belly that makes your cells resistant to the effects of insulin on your blood sugar.
  • Gestational diabetes is hormonal changes during the pregnancy. It may also causes high blood sugar during pregnancy. Diabetes are high blood sugar that damages the organs and tissues in your body. High blood sugar is more complication that associated with diabetes.
  • It also includes heart disease, heart attack, and stroke, hear loss, depression, skin conditions such as bacterial and fungal infection.


An insulin symptom is cause by rise the blood sugar. The common symptoms are

  • Increase hunger
  • Increase thirst
  • Weight loss
  • Frequent urination
  • High fatigue, etc.
  • It can also urinary tract infection
  • yeast infection
  • dry, itchy skin.


Some ways to lower blood sugar level naturally:

  • Regular exercise: Exercise everyday can also help to increase the insulin sensitivity in our body. It also helps to lose weight. If your blood sugar control is problem, you must check sugar level. This leads to reduce blood sugar level.
  • Diabetic diet: A diabetic diet is includes the foods suitable for diabetics. It may include the diabetic foods such as low carb foods. And it has high fiber foods. A high carb consume may cause your blood sugar levels to rise. Choose foods such as lentils, legume, seafood, etc. These are also help you to maintain a lower blood sugar levels.
  • Manage your carb intake: Low carb diet are also helps to reduce the blood sugar level. It prevent the blood sugar. Carb are broken down into glucose, which may also raise the blood sugar level. Reduce the carb intake can also help to control your blood sugar level.
  • Monitor your blood sugar: If you monitor your blood sugar level regularly. It can help you to determine whether you need to maintain your meals.
  • Stay hydrated: Drink enough water may also help you to keep blood sugar levels. Drink water daily, it helps to rehydrate the blood, lower blood sugar level. And it reduce the diabetic risk.


Ayurvedic home remedies for diabetes. These are also helps you to control the blood sugar level.

  • Bitter gourd
  • Gooseberry
  • Mango leaves
  • Fenugreek
  • Drumstick leaves
  • Sunlight


  • It is a carbohydrate. It also contains starch, glycogen and cellulose. The starch is an energy source obtained from plants. Cellulose is act as dietary fiber. Glycogen is a form of glucose in the human liver and muscles. It is naturally in grains, vegetables, edible mushrooms, fruits and other medicinal plants.
  • It have anti-diabetic property. And it also anti-inflammatory and antioxidant property. It may be helpful to glucose levels to diabetics.


  • Eat a lot of refined sugar that can also leads to headaches, lower energy, and inflammation. Cut sugar out of your diet. It will also decrease the inflammation, boost your energy levels. And it also improves your focus. The related products such as refined sugar or soft drinks and sweets. It can be easily absorbed by the body and raise glucose levels. Avoid products containing refined sugar.


  • Vegetarian diets for diabetes are also consumed whole grains, fruits and vegetables. Vegetarian diet is one of the good ways to absorb plant nutrients such as antioxidants and plant sterols. This is linked to improved glucose levels in the body. Animal products are high in saturated fats and high in fat.


  • Stress can affect your blood sugar level. People have lot of stress related to finances, duty, responsibility and family. Develop the ways to reduce your stress by following yoga or mindfulness exercises. Exercise and relaxation methods yoga and mindfulness based exercise are stress reduction that may also help to correct the insulin secretion problems in chronic diabetes.


  • It has help to maintain the normal level of testosterone. High intensity exercise also help to increase the level. High testosterone levels in men may reduce the risk of diabetes.  This deficiency may be the leading cause of diabetes in men.  Maintain normal levels of the hormone, eat foods rich in vitamin D and zinc. They also improve testosterone levels.


  • Cigarette smoking and high glucose levels can also cause vascular damage. It increase mortality in diabetics.  Most men are smokers. They may be at higher risk for complications such as infections, and ulcers. Avoid smoking to better manage this condition.


  • Fruits and vegetables are best source of antioxidants. It has vitamins, minerals, and fiber. They not only prevent a list of diseases. It also help to maintain health.
  • Add fruits and green leafy vegetables to your diet. It also manage diabetes for a long time. An example of such a fruit and vegetable based diet.
  • Although vegetable oils are an excellent alternative to animal fats such as butter and ghee. High consumption of vegetable oils is not recommended by experts. Almost all fats and oils are high in calories. So, avoid fried foods.

Home remedies for insulin


  • Glucose testing is an important part of the treatment of diabetes.  It can sometimes be difficult to check your glucose levels due to a busy lifestyle. No matter how busy you are, create ways to always follow this important practice. Buy a self-test device and check your sugar level.

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