History of Deepavali and puja method.

Here we discuss about History of Deepavali and puja method.


  • Deepavali celebrations across the country have begun in earnest. Holidays that are fully of complexity are neither fun nor comfortable. Diwali is a festival that delights everyone, like adults and children.
  • Diwali falls in the month of Ippasi. But in a few years this month will change. This festival is celebrate in all the states of India. The book written by Vatsyayanar refers to the festival of Diwali as Yatsh Ratri. It is celebrate on the night of the new moon in the month of Karthika. People refer to it as Sukaratri. The Vishnu Purana says that if you bathe in the early morning on Diwali. It perform the Mahalakshmi Puja, light the lamps and put a lot of houses. You will get a glimpse of Lakshmi.


  • During Diwali, people are often clean up their home. The clean process starts a week before the main festival. Some people also get their house fresh painting before Deepavali. On the day of Diwali, people wear new clothes and decorate their houses with lamps and candles. Nowadays, there are electric lights are also available in the market to illuminate the homes. Public places are also clean and deck up. Gifts may distribute among friends and family.


  • Various stories are told about the history of Diwali. History important the celebration itself is important. Hindu says that there are many reasons for celebrate Diwali. It is the Diwali is celebrate when lord Krishna kills a monster named Narakasuran. The people pray to Lord Krishna to celebrate the day of his death. This is the history that most people believe.
  • As, Ravana, the ruler of Sri Lanka, abduct and kept Sita, Raman fought against Ravana and destroy Ravana. When he return to Ayodhya with his Brother to rescue Sita. The people there enjoy light lanterns in the country to welcome them. That is why it is said in the Ramayana that the day is celebrate as Diwali. It is celebrate after the end of the 21- day kedargauri fast of Shakti. Lord Shiva accepts Shakti as his half and becomes “Arthanarisvara”.



  • Diwali is a very lucky day for Mother Mahalakshmi. It is believe that if Lakshmi is worship on that day. Wealth will remain in the house.
  • The image of Ganesh and mother Mahalakshmi with Vishnu should decorate with flowers. Finish the flower and yellow on the yellow string and wear it to the picture. Atsatai, saffron and flowers should keep ready for ordination.
  • The incense should be scented with sambarani. If there is a Kubera picture or machine it should also decorate with flowers and place near the Lakshmi picture. Lakshmi should recite and then Kubera should do the same.



  • At the end of the puja, sweets like milk pudding and sugar pongal. It also should offer and eaten only by the family. If Lakshmi Puja is perform, the lamp must be lit in the evening. You must mount at least 21 lights. If we do so, it is said that Mahalakshmi will give us wealth just as she gave it to Kubera.
  • May we all have wealth and health! Happy Diwali!

The story of Deepavali and pooja method


  • According to legends, He was the ruler of the land of Pragyodishpur near present-day Nepal. He is a great threat not only to the people also to the gods.
  • He is a son of Bhudevi. Narakasuran, who was in severe penance, receives a boon from Brahman. That is, I must die at the hands of my mother. That bless is that no one else can destroy me. The remnant Brahman of he severe meditation also gives that boon in no other way. After that his audacity increases.
  • He stole the ear rings of the guest who is the mother of the gods. That alone, who kidnapped 16 thousand daughters of various gods and imprison them in his Andapuram. As his flood increased day by day. All the gods came together to meet Krishna. They also suppress Narakasuran and appeal to him and the people to release him.
  • Krishna descended directly into the field as the gods came and appealed. Know of the boon received by his, Krishna takes his chariot driver Satyabhama and leaves. A fierce fight begins between Naraka and Krishna. Then Krishna faints after being hit by an arrow left by Narakasuran. Following this, Satyabhama takes a bow, shoots an arrow and aims at Narakasuran. Krishna then rescued all the women who were in the grip of his and hand over Aditi’s ear rings to the gods.
  • After kill Narakasuran in the early morning, Lord Krishna rubbed the oil on his head. This is the practice of rubbing oil in the early morning bath on Diwali even today.

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