History and speciality of kasi Vishwanath temple.

Here we discuss about History and speciality of kasi Vishwanath temple.


  • Jyotirlinga- One of the seven sites of salvation. It is a holy place where everyone should visit and worship Kasi once in their lifetime. There are 84 steps in the holy river Ganga which flows here. They are Asisangama Ghat, Dasasuvamedha Ghat, Manikarnika Ghat, Panchakanga Ghat, Varuna Sangama Ghat are the five most prominent. According to the pearl of death in Kashi, the corpses can be seen burning in the “Arichandra Ghat”. There are a lot of people who come to this place to die. Saptarishi Puja is held daily at 7.30 pm at Viswanathar Sannidhi.
  • Vishwanathar means the ruler of the universe. Kasi Vishwanath Temple is a famous temple dedicate to Lord Shiva. The temple is located in Varanasi in the state of Uttar Pradesh. It is now known as Varanasi but in ancient times it was known as Kasi Vishwanath Temple. A narrow street leads to the side of the Dasaswameth River.


  • The temple was build in 1785 by Empress Agalya Boy. People all bow their heads when they also hear the ringing of bells in this temple. When there are shadows adorn with lots of good snakes like Shiva leaves he pours Ganga water on his head and Aarti who does it five times is important. Hundreds of bells and drums are play during the puja, which makes it very exciting to enter the temple.
  • The height of the temple is 51 feet. The Shiva lingam is place inside the temple. This Shiva lingam is famous in Kashi. Inside the temple hangs a large bell given by the King of Nepal.  Its noise is heard over long distances. Worships are held for the faithful in the morning and evening. Kasi is an important place by Kasi Vishwanathar.
  • Aarti Worship of the Ganges River is a daily sight on the banks of the Ganges River in Varanasi. The event is called Ganga Aarti. Devotees who come to the temple come to see Ganga Aarti with interest. Among the devotees who come to this temple, women have to come into the temple wearing sarees. Dowser is not allow to enter the temple wearing a top shirt without a sleeve.


  • Kasi Viswanathar temple is one of the important places that tens of thousands of people visit daily. One day a golden tray is suddenly find in the temple. It will also automatically go into the hands of the one who is most devoted and fond of himself in that tambourine. It was write as a gift of my love for Kasi Viswanathar.
  • Many people who thought that he was the best Shiva devotee used to come to the temple as it was written that Tambalam would go to the beloved of the Lord. Temple attracts a large number of devotees on ordinary days. Many devotees came to know about this news and the temple was overflowing with devotees.
  • Many people stretch out their hands to the tray which was place near the Swami as if I belong to it. But that golden tray did not move at all. So they went on sighing, lamenting that someone who belonged to it, who would get it.



  • Then Shivaratri came. The unruly crowd of academics, sages and the rich increased to visit Kasi Vishwanathar in the temple more than usual. A farmer, who could have worked hard that day, came to Kasi today, Shivaratri, to take a dip in the Ganges today, and to come back to Kasi vishwanath with two bows on the Shivalingam.
  • When he entered the temple, bathing in the Ganges, there lay a leper. Those who went into the temple to see him went a little farther. Tears welled up in his eyes as he looked at the leper who was in great distress and saw the farmer who had gone to see Swami.  This tragedy that has befallen you will soon be over. I left seeing Swami and said I will also take you with me to my house in the village.
  • When he went inside to visit the Swami, that precious golden pomegranate flew into his hand and joined him. Even if we do not act like a farmer, we will treat fellow human beings with humanity. Divine grace is available.



  • Kasi Nagar is a famous pilgrimage center. If you die in Kashi, many people who have completed the period called Mukti are coming and going here. The corpses are always burnt in the Arichandra forest here. Built in the year 1785, this temple is one of the most famous shrines of Lord Shiva. When the largest temple bell in the temple rings, its sound can be hear from a distance.
  • Devotees will be immerse in the shrine as hundreds of accordions and bells will be raise during the puja. There are still some wonders in this special coinage. Lizards do not make noise anywhere in Kasi. It is only natural that the corpses should be flying with Karu to the place where they are also cremate. But there is no flying with Karu here. It has a history.
  • After defeating Sri Rama Ravana, Brahmahadhi intended to dedicate a lingam at Rameshwaram and worship it so that evil would occur. So Hanuman asked him to bring a lingam from Kasi. Hanuman immediately reached Kasi and was astonish. Linga was everywhere. Suyambu woke up not knowing what the lingam was. On the verge of not being able to do so, a black bird flew over a lingam and circled it. The lizard squealed as if approving of it.

Features of Kasi Vishwanath temple


  • Hanuman, overjoyed to know Suyambu, moved the lingam and left. The then-encountered Byrne detained Hanuman. Coin is under the control of the term biravar. He is the one in charge. He was furious at the crime of taking the penis without his permission. War broke out between the two. Kala Biravar ​​and Hanuman fought. Knowing this, the gods came there and worshiped and Kala Biravar went to Rameshwaram for the benefit of this lingam world. Please allow. The angry Byrne gave permission. But he cursed the black man and the lizard that were responsible for this.
  • He said that the blind water could no longer fly anywhere in Kashi and the lizard water could not make a sound. Due to this, even today Kasi does not fly with karu. The lizard does not bark either. It is because such historical miracles continue today that faith in God is still growing. If any prayer is made with full faith and devotional zeal without evil thoughts then surely that prayer will take place.

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