Highlights of Marudhamalai Murugan temple.

Here we discuss about Highlights of Marudhamalai Murugan temple.


  • Marudhamalai in Coimbatore district is one of the wonderful places where Lord Murugan sits and bestows blessings. Wherever the hill is the place where Kumaran is the vote. Itala Murugan is also song by Arunagirinathar. The temple is also the ‘Seventh Battalion’ of Lord Murugan.


  • In Marudhamalai temple, Pambatich Siddhar, blessed by Lord Murugan, carved a new idol for Lord Murugan. This statue is in the sanctuary. This two-arm Murugapperuman, like Murugan, with a pen in his hand, is depict as a penitent with his left hand resting on his waist. The back of the head is Kudumi.
  • He wears a spine on his feet. Every day he will be on display with three types of decorations, namely:
  • royal ornaments,
  • vibudhikappu and
  • sandalwood.
  • Silver bracelets are worn on special occasions and gold armor on Christmas and Thaipusam days. Only in Arthajama Puja can also Lord Itala be seen in his own form as a scepter. Then they wear only the Veddi, without any ornament or crown to the Lord.


  • Pambatti Siddhar Sannidhi is located in a cave in the middle of the cliffs. He also blesses with a crown in his right hand and a stick in his left hand. Near him are Shivalingam and Nagar Thirumeni. After the puja for Lord , puja is perform for Pambatti Siddhartha. It is also said that Pambatti Siddhar still worships Lord Murugan here. Every day they also pour milk in a bowl in his presence. The next day milk may also low. Siddhar is believe to have anoint and worship this milk to Lord Murugan.


  • A snake shape is found on the rock at Pambatti Siddhar Sannidhi. According to the Thala Purana, Lord Murugan appear to Pambatti Siddhartha in the form of this dragon. This dragon is worship by all the devotees as Lord Murugan. On the back there are three forms of pedestal-like structure. These worship as Shiva, Ganapati and Ambika. Lord is the one who shows Shiva in the middle of Ambal. Here Ganesha, the display among the parents is special.



  • Usually Vinayaka is under the royal tree. But in this temple, under the tree which has grown together with five trees namely
  • Arasu,
  • fig,
  • neem,
  • Vanni and
  • Korakkattai, Lord Ganesha gives blessing.
  • He is also known as ‘Pancha Virutcha Ganesha’ as he is under a single tree with five trees. Next to him, Lord Murugan is also seat on a peacock, with a sword in his hand.


  • Itala Murugan is also known as ‘Marudachalamurthy’ as he is the giver of the hill, which is full of medicinal trees. It contains herbs that have healing property. Marutha tree is the hero of Ithalat. The name of the theertham is ‘Marudu Sunai’. This Theertham became famous. This Theertham is produce from under a mangrove tree in the hill. And this Theertham is use for Swami Abhishek’s letter.



  • The structure of Lord Shiva in the middle of Shiva and Ambal is ‘Somaskanda system’. Lord Shiva is in the middle of Lord Shiva and Ambal. Although Murugattalam is on the right side of the Swami, there is the Pattiswarar (Shiva) Sanniti and on the left is the Maragathambikai (Ambal) Sanniti.


  • Marudhamalai murugan temple is a ‘Spontaneous Ganesha’ shrine at the foot. Here is Ganesha, the self. He has an elephant’s head and no body. He also stretches his trunk towards the Murugan shrine on the hill. Another Ganesha statue is dedicate nearby. After perform puja for Ganesha, puja is perform for the main Ganesha. Special puja are perform for Lord Murugan on the auspicious days of Krithika, Sashti, Visakha and the new moon. Hence he is ‘Ganesha suitable for uncle’. It is also said that those who go to visit Murugan should pay homage to him.

Marudhamalai murugan temple gives peace of mind


  • Although the vehicle for Murugan is a peacock, in the temples of a few towns he is made to ride a horse during festivals. Do you know the reason for this? Earlier, the temple was loot by thieves and escape. Then, Murugan mount the horse and overtook them, causes the objects to add back to the temple. He also turn thieves into rocks. When Murugan was ride fast on the horse, a ditch formed where the horse had trampled. The trail is on a rock in the hills. This stone is ‘Horse Stone’. In this hall there is a sculpture of Lord on a horse.


  • In the ancient Shiva temples, Shiva is the self lingam. But, he is the self-portrait in the title. It is also special to have Valli and Deivana in self form with him. Murugan has a split on the back. Valli is tall and the deity is slight low. This Murugan is the Adi Murthy of Italam. His shrine is ‘Adi Moolastanam’. The first pooja is also perform for him, the pooja for the main swami takes place. Devotees pay homage to him during Krithika.

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