Head history of Palani hill Murugan temple.

Here we discuss about Head history of Palani hill Murugan temple.


  • Wisdom is a sublime state that all who is born as human beings. It also should strive to attain. Murugan place they will also come easily to those who lead a pious life. And those who are in spiritual search. Thus, the scare temple is in the form of the wisdom of Lord is “Palani hill Murugan Temple”.


  • The old temple is the Palani Hill murugan temple. The temple is the “Third Battalion” house of Lord Murugan’s “Six Battalion” houses. In ancient times, the town is know as “Thiruavinankudi” and “Tenpothikai”. Lord Murugan of this temple is “Murugan” and “Child Velayuthar”. A special feature of the temple is that Pokhar Siddhar. He erect a statue of Lord in “Navapashana” using the “alchemical art” of the Siddhar who have the power to benefit the devotees.
  • According to the Puranas, Lord Murugan got angry and stay on this hill. His elder brother Ganesha receive the “fruit of wisdom” from Parvati. No matter how much his father Shiva and mother Parvati begged him to convince them. He assured them that he would stay on this hill. Later, when Murugan appeared before the Tamil grandmother who came to Italam and worship her. He also praise them as “fruit you” which means “you are the wise one”. This is the reason why the name “Palani” came to this place over time.


  • “Poker” Siddhar is one of the Tamil Siddhar. Ashtama is also the recipient of Siddhis. When Poker came to this Palani hill without remorse, Poka Siddhar undertook the task of casting a “neo-pagan idol” on Mount Palani on the orders of his mother Parvati, Murugan and Siddhartha, and Agathiyar. It also took poker nine years to make this Neolithic statue. More than 4000 herbs were use to make this neo-pagan statue. 81 Siddhars assist in the make of the Neolithic idol under the guidance of Pokhara.
  • Bogamunivar made this most wonderful neo-pagan idol by the order of the Lord for the benefit of the people.
  • The sandalwood,
  • vibudhi,
  • panneer and
  • panchamirtham used to anoint this neo-pagan idol have the divine power to cure any physical ailments of the devotees.
  • The tomb of Pokhar Siddhar and the separate junction of Pokhar Siddhar are also locate on this Palani hill.



  • The idol of Lord Murugan here has the image of a parrot. It is said that Arunagirinathar, who composed a song in praise of Lord Murugan called “Thirupukal”. It also has the privilege of being with Lord  in the form of a parrot. Idumban junction is on the way to Palani hill. After the first puja for Idumban in the early morning. Pujas are perform for Lord who is seat on the hill. The ancient demon “Idumban” was carry a mountain called “Sakthigiri, Sivagiri” on his shoulder. Then, when he get tired of the coughs he had thrown on the Palani hill. He also got into a fight with Lord Murugan who has a temple here. Idumban, who appeared in a fight with Murugan. It also became a devotee of Murugan.
  • The reason why this hill looks like Murugan Andy is that the teacher who teaches education does not beat the students with the horn in his hand. But reminds them of the instability in everything in life, just as he teaches them the art of beat them up.



  • Just like the people of Thiruvannamalai climb Arunachal Pradesh on Chitrapavurnami. It is also special for the devotees to climb Ibbalani on Agni Star Day. Devotees come to the temple have to climb 690 steps to reach a height of 450 meters after climb the mountain. There is also a rope car facility for those who cannot walk up the hill. The anoint of Lord Murugan with the four ingredients:
  • Good oil,
  • Sandalwood,
  • Panchamirtham and
  • Vibudhi.
  • Panneer anoint is only in the month of March. Except for sandalwood and rose water, the rest of the anoint material. It is place on the head of the idol of Lord Murugan and taken away. The “Sirasu Vibudhi” placed on the idol of Lord Murugan. It is a rare offers to the devotees on the orders of the Siddhartha. Annabhishekam takes place in Shiva temples. It is also held at the Palani Murugan Temple on special star days.
  • Murugan is anoint and adorn six times a day. Once anoint and adorn, nothing is like garland flower and garland. Just as Laddu is famous for its offers at the Tirupati temple. It is  also Palani Panchamirtham, anoint with the Palani murugan, world famous. It is the firm promise of those who have experience that those who eat the Panchamirta offers of this temple. And it will also get rid of the ailments in their body. Due to the presence of murugan in this temple as seen from the western state of Kerala, a large number of Malayalam devotees visit the temple.

The idol of lord murugan and his head special


  • Palani Hill Murugan Temple is one of the largest temples in Tamil Nadu. It is visit by millions of devotees. Some of the devotees who worship murugan consider it as an ally in their profession and business. And after make huge profits. It may also pay a portion of the profits to the temple as a tribute to Murugan.
  • Just like how they shave their heads in Tirupati and fulfill their request, they also pay tribute to Palani Murugan. Worship at the tomb of Pokhar Siddhar here, Pokhar, who still lives on this Palani hill in a subtle form. It may also solves all our grievances.
  • More and more devotees come here to seek spiritual enlightenment,
  • Marriage,
  • Child bless,
  • Employment,
  • Career,
  • Business superiority and so on.

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