Guru Transit from Aquarius to Capricorn on Sept 14, 2021

Here we discuss about Guru Transit from Aquarius to Capricorn on Sept 14, 2021.


  • The Guru shift is consider to be the most important of the planetary shifts. The Guru shift which gives auspicious benefits is currently in the curve of Aquarius. Guru shifts to Capricorn to get the curve correction and is about to reap the benefits for about two months. It also takes 12 years to come back to this zodiac. September 14 2021, at 11:43 am, shifts from Aquarius to Capricorn and attains perversion.


  • This shift is to give special benefits to those born in Aries. Guru Bhagavan is going to give you many benefits by getting rid of all the obstacles and delays that have come from you so far. Especially quarrels between husband and wife will be resolve. Even those who were rats and cats are going to be jealous of others for seeing the similarity. Divorced relationships have the yoga of seeking you back. You may also look for something new in the house. Good news for childless couples.
  • You will also give the result. Yoga can also go abroad for a few. It will be a privilege to resume the construction work of the house which had various obstacles. There will be a situation where you have to buy some loans for the auspicious thing. You will also to put in extra work in professional and business matters. Those in office will also benefit from restricted promotions and pay rises. The thought of getting away from the comfort barriers is handy. Property problems appear and disappear. It is special to worship Guru Bhagavan on Thursdays.


  • This Guru shift is meant to bestow good fortune on those born in the zodiac sign of Pisces. Cash flow will increase as you move away from the cash barriers that have been in place so far. There are pros and cons to things related to professional relocation. Away from the barriers of marriage will come hand in hand with amenities. The blessings of the Buddha will be remove from the obstacles in the birth of the child. Chances are you have less responsibility in the family.
  • The unity of brothers and sisters would be better. Anger can cause you to lose some things so keep in mind that lowering your temper can lead to many problems. More profit in industry and business. Making any decision with restraint will also bring great benefits. It is better to have concessions so that there is no separation between husband and wife as Rahu is in Janma. Pay extra attention to diet to get health stronger. Worship of intense deities like Durga and Kali.


  • This Guru shift can give benefits to those born in Gemini zodiac. Good news for those looking forward to employment abroad. You are going to benefit from things related to relocation. Women have yoga as their favorite groom. Good luck to those involved in trying to buy new assets. All the quarrels and family problems that have existed so far will be resolve and there will be unity. There are opportunities to increase cash flow by removing barriers to cash flow.
  • The confusions that existed between husband and wife will also make you understand each other and walk away dead. Disagreements with parents will also go away. Get their blessing. The benefits that are available to you will be available after some struggles. A few are more likely to have property disputes. Physical health problems will be solve but mental damage is likely to occur. Caution is need when starting a new business. There will be benefits to doing guru worship.


  • This Guru shift is going to give special benefits to those born in crab zodiac. The health effects disappear and gradually improve. The confusion that came from the mind will be exhausted and peace will be born. The bitterness with the father leads to exhaustion and understanding. Cash flow from expected locations will be better. Attempts to purchase new assets can be beneficial.
  • Having a guru vision in Labastan will increase the expected income as industry and business problems disappear. The money owed will also come in handy at the right time. Government way things will give favorable benefits. There is a possibility of division between brothers and sisters. It is better to stay away from the hassle cases you are looking for. Those who are in office have the potential to get higher positions. You will also progress better and succeed in front of those who make fun of you. Those in the intellectual profession have an advantage. The benefits of worshiping Ganesha will happen.


  • For those born in Libra this Guru shift is there to answer various questions. Expectations on children will be met. Concerns about the future of the children will decrease. You will also try to correct the consequences of the decisions made. You will also recover lost items. And you are going to benefit from property matters. Chances are that lost relationships will also come back. You will also take back the stalled construction work and finish building successfully.
  • You will succeed in repairing old houses. And you also buy new technology. It is a good idea to be cautious as this can lead to vehicle waste. Rahu will join hands in blocked auspicious endeavors as he is about to gain strength. Success can be found by acting tactfully in hassle cases. There are many rewards to thinking about starting a new business. There is good news for those who are looking forward to government way employment. It also good to worship Durga.

Benefits of Guru Transit from Aquarius to Capricorn on Sept 14, 2021


  • This Guru shift is there to give good benefits to those born in Pisces. Guru Bhagavan will also solve your physical problems as he will achieve the curve. Clarity is born by removing the confusion in the mind. Calm down with anger. Losses in industry and business will also have a chance to recover. Doubling your hard work will also lead to progress as the industry starts to heat up. The new industry will also benefit. You are going to get a favorable benefit in matters like house change, relocation, and career change.
  • Reputation is the connection you have with the community. Unity will be strengthened by removing the ties that existed between husband and wife. Fighting disputes with loved ones will be resolved. Vain vices will also disappear and your talents will be revealed to the outside world. Obstacles to the blessings of the Buddha will be removed. Minor disagreements may also arise over matters relating to the transaction. It is good to worship Shiva on Mondays.

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