Do’s and Don’ts in the month of Purattasi.

Here we discuss about do’s and don’ts in the month of Purattasi.


  • The holy month of Purattasi belongs only to divine worship. Can I get married this month? Can I have a baby shower? Many ask if the house can do good things, including planetarium. Tamil Hindu families do not do any favors including marriage in Purattasi. As well as asking if there will be any problem if the baby is born in the month of Purattasi.
  • Astrology says that auspicious things should be done only in certain months. You can get married in the months of Chithirai, Vaikasi, Avani, Thai and Panguni. The bride and groom will live happily ever after if they get married this month. Usually any amenities can be done in the month of Vaikasi and Karthika. It will take place smoothly without interruption. Do not do good deeds during the months of Audi, Purattasi and Margazhi.
  • The sixth months of the Tamil month Purattasi There are important fasts in this month. Mahalayapatsam, the worship of the ancestors, is the fast of the Mahalaya Amavasya. The month of Purattasi is the month of Perumal. The month in which the sun travels in Virgo. Since Navratri is a festival month, people have avoided celebrating festivals including weddings during this month.


  • Vastu should not be used to build a house in Purattasi. Vastu Bhagavan is asleep. He would only be awake for a few months. The house can be built without any hindrances only if Vastu Puja is performed during that month. Likewise do not go home drinking milk this month. The house should not be drunk even if it is a rental house.


  • Pregnant women can have a baby shower during the odd month of Purattasi. It will end the festival one day. Similarly, for those born in the month of Purattasi, the sixtieth marriage and the eightieth marriage are thus un affect. If you start building a house in the months of Chithirai, Vaikasi, Ippasi, Karthika, Thai and Masi, it can done quickly without any hindrance. If the well is cut in the months of Chittirai, Vaikasi and Anne, it will never perennial. Don’t buy a house during the months of Ani, Audi, Purattasi, Margazhi and Panguni. Ancestors have decreed that the house should not settle.


  • In the month of Purattasi, Mahalakshmi is observe for the ancestors. As well as the month of fasting for Perumal, Navratri is the month in which the ancestors avoided performing auspicious things including marriage during this month. If we follow the path of our ancestors, we will not bother.


  • If you start learning on Vijaya Dasami, the last day of the Navratri festival in the month of Purattasi, you will get a good education. Used for life. Similarly on Vijayadashami we can start teaching children new things. Let’s start a new business and grow further.


  • Parents are afraid that a child born in Puritanism will also revolt. This is incorrect. Those born in Puritanism are intelligent. Many people do not want to have a baby this month because the baby gets sick during the rainy month of Purattasi, just like the hot summer months in Chittirai prevent childbirth. Babies born during this Buddhist-dominated month are naturally intelligent.


  • Those born in a month full of fasts and festivals will be also full of spirituality. Camphor wise people will look at the place and talk about the material time. Pleasant to practice. Those born in the month of the Sun in Virgo, the house of Mercury, which is suitable for magic knowledge and mathematics, can easily learn a lot of things.


  • It is not easy to understand the characteristics of those born in Puritanism but at the same time they can easily understand the thought flows of others. Others will behave in a way that does not offend the mind while at the same time looking very selfish. Once they have voted, they will save a lot of money. Uttara relatives will also adapt to the Surats and live with them. Will speak openly. They do not talk to each other.


  • Those born in Puritanism will speak clearly and make decisive decisions on anything. Honest people. Honest attitude does not agree with many. They will also easily earn the hatred of their character and cause resentment. Those born in this month will hold leadership positions in fields such as the military and fire if Mars, Sun and Saturn are strong. The workshop will go hand in hand with the course. Look for leadership positions.

Lets start a business and coming in search of leadership in Purattasi month


  • Native assets are readily available. Thai way assets are available. The wife will join the property along the way. If the sun is positive, the assets will add in the father’s way and if the moon is positive, the assets will add in the mother’s way. They are intelligent people who think twice and act on anything at once. They will not become debtors so soon. Even if you have no choice but to borrow, you will still have to pay it off.


  • They are intelligent and will use their brains to win. Achieve in the arts. Those with imagination. The best writers will win in the field of cinema. They will succeed by setting foot in the press. Jewelry and textiles will be flag. Those with a sense of humor. There will be more friends around them because of the tendency to give up.
  • He gets a lot of yogas. At the same time people born in Puritanism are more likely to have a nervous problem. Too much tension causes more headaches. Some people also have vision problems. Stomach upset and indigestion can occur if not eaten on time. Interviews are unlikely to be enemies. You will easily overcome indirect opposition.

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