Don’t do such a things while lightening the Kamatchiamman lamp.

Here we discuss about don’t do such a things while lightening the Kamatchiamman lamp.


  • Goddess Kamatchi symbolizes the eradication of darkness. The Kamatchi Vilakku bears the engraved of the Goddess. The lamp is bless and is a traditional decorative piece in the prayer room. The goddess Kamatchi will also come into the house carrying the lamp in her hand.


  • The Kamatchiamman Vilakku is a precious heritage for the family. It is a traditional ancestral piece, preserve with great pride and honor. In many homes in South India, this Divine Lamp has been maintain in the lit position for centuries – a legacy that has been pass by their ancestors. One the current generation will also pass onto posterity.
  • As per Hindu traditions, the light of the lamp precedes all pious tasks. It is acknowledge to be high auspicious. The worship of the Panch loha is a preliminary task to bless of Lords and Goddess. The Kamatchi Amman Vilakku is a traditional lamp. It may also hold a significant place in your home and offices, commercial establishments like shops.


  • The Kamatchi Vilakku is made from brass. And it is handcraft by the local artisans from the Southern parts of India. It may also require years of experience and proficient expertise to make the lamp.
  • The Lamp is available in different sizes-small, medium, and large. The Kamatchi lamp is available in different weights. The image of the Kamatchiamman Vilakku is made by skill artisans have learn the art of make this hand-made brass lamp from their fathers and forefathers.


  • Most of us will definitely have Kamatchi goddess lamp in our homes. It is said that Lakshmi Kadatsam stays at home to load it twice in the morning and evening. The most important of the objects of worship is the Kamatchi Amman lamp. When the bride and groom go home after marriage, the goddess Kamatchi will also come into the house carrying the lamp in her hand. Through we are going to learn what not to do wrong while loading the Kamatchi Amman lamp with so many specialties and how to get the full grace of Mahalakshmi.


  • Kamatchiamman was a penitent for the benefit of the people of the world and for rescuing the world from the path of destruction. At that time all the other deities were unit with Goddess Kamatchi. So if we worship only one Kamatchi goddess we will get the grace of all the other deities. This is one of the main reasons why it is customary in our homes to light a lamp and worship the Goddess Kamatchi. Thus by mounting the Kamatchi Amman lamp at home the full grace of Mahalakshmi will be available.
  • The lamp should mount by placing the Kamatchiamman lamp on a copper plate. The plate should be slightly wider than the base of the Kamatchi goddess lamp. The Kamatchi goddess lamp should fit well on that plate. The lamp should not be left to rot for any reason.
  • Put yellow and saffron spots near the blazing spot in the Kamatchi goddess lamp and do not let them dry. Considering dim materials in this way in the fire will not benefit the home. So place the yellow, saffron spot a little away from the flame burning edge.


  • When the Kamatchi Amman lamp is mount daily, the old thread in it should be replace with a new thread and then the lamp should mount. Always keep the old thread intact and do not light the lamp.
  • When the Kamatchi goddess puts the pot on the lamp, she should leave the pot on the goddess on the front and then the goddess on the back. This pot should always be in odd numbers. Be sure to put yellow and saffron on the face of the elephant near Kamatchi Amman.
  • The lamp mounted on the Kamatchi goddess lamp should always have a small light. It should not be as large as a torch or a flamethrower. Similarly the flowers place on the Kamatchi goddess lamp should take care not to burn in the fire.
  • Do not make the small mistakes mentioned here in your homes without even knowing it anymore. We conclude this post with a heartfelt prayer that we will make proper use of the Kamatchi Amman lamp and continue to light the lamp daily to receive the full grace of Mahalakshmi.

Kamatchi goddess lights the lamp at home, never makes such mistakes


  • It should place on a small tray and keep in the middle face of east (very auspicious). You can also keep on the left of Ista Deivam. You may also keep the Vilakku facing north. Never ever place it also facing south.

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