Benefits of Purattasi month Saturday fasting

Here we discuss about Benefits of Purattasi month Saturday fasting.


  • This month is going to be born. Purattasi Saturday is the lucky day to worship Perumal. Fast as Audi Friday and Avani Sunday are special. It is the belief of the devotees that on Saturdays. Marriage restrictions will also lift for the worship of Perumal by roll in flour mixed with paste and make a lamp.
  • Perumal also appear in Thirumalai in this month under the star Thiruvonam. This year the month is also celebrate on the Lucky day. Ekadasi Tithi and the star Thiruvonam which is suitable for Perumal. Vedanta Desikar incarnate in Kanchipuram as the Lord Vishnu. It is also customary for Vishnu to fast on Saturdays. There is also special occasion for the Saturday of this month.


  • This month is importance as it is believe Lord Vishnu appears on the earth in this month. His devotees also consider the ideal of this month for thank Lord Vishnu for preserve the Universe at the end of Kali Yuga.
  • Fast on every Saturday of this month gain the attention and bless of Lord Vishnu. The positive effects of the Saturday fast are powerful to match that of fast on every Saturday and perform puja to Lord Vishnu.


  • Saturday that Sanibagavan will also appear. Due to this, it became customary to worship Tirumala. The god who also protects him from harm. In families where lord Vishnu is the deity. It is customary to light a mango tree and perform Thiruvarathana. Flour orb refers to the seven mountains and Venkatavan, the lamp that illuminates them. There are many barriers to marriage. It is the groom to have a bride and for the bride to have a groom. In order for the marriage to take place after remove the defects and obstacles. One should fast on Saturdays think of Lord Vishnu.


  • On Saturdays, the householders wear Tirunam. It also perform sugar pongal and offer and worship Perumal. Many carry piggy banks in their hands and go door to door chant Govinda, Gopala and Narayana to receive money and rice donations. The money will be also donate to perumal. Pongal is made with donate rice and given to everyone. Some people go on lord Vishnu places and also pay tribute.


  • Marriage does not come easily to those with sexual dysfunction. Or enjoying a restless life. It also causes interaction with many people. Those who have recurred defects in the horoscope will also get rid of the defects and get married. If they also worship lord Vishnu from fast on this Saturdays.


  • In families where perumal is the deity. It is customary to light a mango tree and perform Thiruvarathana. Mango worship is one of the Hindu rites in Tamil Nadu.
  • A sweet mixture of crush paste,
  • mold paste,
  • cardamom,
  • sesame, etc. It is also made in the form of a lamp. Ghee is pour on it and it is also light by twist.


  • This month will also pay homage to Lord Vishnu  on Saturday. The door of the house should be clean and the place where the lamp is lit in the prayer room should be also place.
  • Sugar Pongal,
  • Sesame Pudd,
  • Tamarind Rice,
  • Yogurt Rice,
  • Sprinkle Wada,
  • Banana Fry


  • The five faces of the candlestick should also place in front of the Perumal image by light a ghee lamp on both sides of the pole. Put saffron on the candle and wear tulsi garland. Place three point banana leaves in front of the lamp and serve the herbs on the leaf. Mix basil with water in a saucepan or a bowl.
  • It is also customary to place
  • Coconuts,
  • Bananas,
  • Flowers,
  • Betel leaves,
  • Hot vibudhi saffron on a plate and worship the incense lamp and worship Lord Vishnu on Saturday with the name Govinda.

Importance and Benefits of Purattasi month Saturday fasting


  • Saturn Moon Admission Saturn Moon Planet Exchange. The Saturn Moon Saptamsa view. Saturn-Moon Essence Exchange is all about the mat system. Those who have a mating system. Those with sexual dysfunction will be also reluctant. Neither man nor woman will let anyone get close so soon. The texts say that if Saturn and Moon join in the houses 4, 10, 11 in the horoscope. Raja Yoga will also occur as sexual intercourse.


  • In this month, on Saturdays, the Guru wears the yellow robe and puts the moon’s bitter food in Saturn’s bitter pottery. It is believe that the marriage will take place soon after remove the doshas of worship by place the mango in Guru’s ghee. Saturn’s sesame seeds along with Venus’ sweet whipped cream in the moon’s bitter paste. Devotees worship Perumal with mangoes based on that also belief.

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