Benefits of giving Tithi for ancestors.

Here we discuss about Benefits of giving Tithi for ancestors.


  • In the case of Mahalaya, Purattasi starts on the 4th and ends on the 20th of September. Those who are suffering from Pitru Dhosas should pray to their ancestors who are looking for a house during this Mahalaya festival and get their blessings. Pitru Dhosas is also a major cause of contraception, infertility, ongoing accidents and chronic illness. Give Tithi Darpanam to the ancestors will remove the defects and the benefits will take place.
  • The proverb is, “He who does not do Mahalaya will not be disgraced.” The man who wants to get married means to get married. Usually every new moon goes into the hands of Darpanam Emdarmarajan and he may call our ancestors and hand them over to them. It is believed that Swetha Devi easily adds sesame and water to the Pitru during the Mahalaya period. The new moon in Purattasi is called the Mahalaya New Moon.
  • Legends say that Vashishta Maharishi,
  • Dasaratha,
  • Yayadhi,
  • Dushyanthan,
  • Nalan,
  • Arichandran,
  • Sriramar,
  • Dharmar and others are also performed Mahalaya and got great blessings. Sreedattatreya, who came to the world as a guru in the form of a trinity, also cursed Durasaran, a devotee of the Vedas, and told him the way to do Mahalaya in the month of Purattasi on the occasion of Krishna.


  • All the pleasures and pains we experience in this life are in line with our original sinfulness. Thus our ancestors, known as the Pitru, play an important role in getting the benefits that are due to us. Fool things are one of the essential tasks we have to do in this life. Failure to do the duty due to the patriarchs will incur their wrath.


  • The Mahalaya New Moon in the month of Purattasi is much better to give Tithi than the Thai New Moon and the Audi New Moon. On the new moon in the other months of the year, let us remember our ancestors. On the day they also come in the late Tamil month, we will do Shirdi etc. However, during the Mahalaya period, one has to perform daily darpan from the prime minister until the new moon. All ancestors must then be remembered.


  • Mahalaya Patsam is the month following the full moon day of the month of Purattasi, starting on the Prime Tithi and last till the new moon in the month of Purattasi. The Mahalaya period is 15 days from the 20th to the 6th of October. Make use of these days to do the Darpanam, shirdi, etc. of the patriarchs without fail. Swetha Devi easily adds the sesame and water left in the darpan to the Pitru.


  • On the day of the Mahalaya Patsam, our ancestors may also be allowed to go to their favorite place. Our home is the favorite place of our ancestors, so they believe that our ancestors have been in our home for at least fifteen days. Our life is sure to prosper if we keep our abode clean and worship our ancestors for these fifteen days.


  • During these fifteen days of Mahalaya Patsam, the patriarchal angels bid farewell to Etherman and stayed with their families. That is why these days they are told to feed the hungry or sesame water. They are also satisfy with it and give us grace.


  • During the Mahalaya period, one should go to the holy water levels, take a holy bath, pray for the peace of our ancestors and also make donations. Those who are not able to perform darpapanam properly should given rice, bananas, tatsina etc. to satisfy the patriarchs in this Mahalayapatsam. Doing so will make our ancestors happy and bless us. It removes the curse of father, the curse of partners and the curse of ancestors and brings prosperity in life.


  • It is only after our ancestors have blessed us that if Ambale comes to our home, we can also understand the glory of Pitru Puja. Regardless of the caste, religion or language born on earth, he must donate as much grain, sugarcane, rye, fruit, etc. as he can on this day. If we donate on a Protestant new moon, the blessings of fourteen years of filial piety will come to us.


  • It is believe that the force of the water fall down through the lines between the index finger and the thumb as we prophesy rises above the gravitational force of the earth. Pitru reaches the world which is billions of miles away from the earth. On the Mahalaya New Moon there is the blessing of the most immense patriarchs in the universe. Millions of patriarchs will come to earth in search of the water and sesame we provide. Therefore, all those who have suffer innumerable suffer during their lifetime should pray for the peace of their souls.


  • He can donate at the door of any temple in his hometown. Those in the neighborhood can do it in orphanages. Those who can do none of this should give six bananas to a cow in our town or near our house or in the oldest temple in our town. The son should not do filthy things while the father is present. You can buy spinach and fruits for the cow.

Mahalaya Patsam- benefits of giving Tithi for ancestors


  • Let’s see what the benefit of give Tithi is on any of the 14 days of the Mahalakshmi period.
  • Chaturthi: Enmity will remove (enemies will remove from the harassment)
  • Panchami: Desired object will add(Wealth development)
  • Sashti: Divinity will raise(Others will appreciate)
  • Navami: Seven-year-old good life partner
  • Dasami: Obstacles will remove and options will fulfill.
  • Ekadasi: May excel in scripture, education and arts.
  • Dhuvatasi: Gold and diamond ornaments will add.
  • Triyodasi: Good children, livestock wealth, long life.
  • Chaturdasi: Complete marriage will result in husband and wife unity.
  • New Moon: Blessings of ancestors, Rishis, Gods. Those who are suffer from Pitru Tosha should pray to the Pitru during this Mahalaya festival and receive their blessings.

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